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Thank you for having your full featured trial of the world’s leading App solution for Accounting and Bookkeeping firms. Making sure your firm is put first in the relationship with clients; in particular where they now spend so much of their time – on smartphones and tablets.

  • Your own firm’s App will help bring you closer to clients rather than creating degrees of separation as they’re left to engage directly with 3rd parties and even the HMRC through the phone and tablet which is with them all the while.
  • Your own firm’s App will help save you time – and therefore money – as well as create greater efficiencies as it integrates all your IT solutions simply and quickly into one place
  • Your own firm’s App will ensure that you retain control of your clients smartphone and tablet homescreen
  • Your own firm’s App will help make you ready for HMRC’s digitisation and give you a platform that ensures your trusted advisor status carries is secured into the mobile and tablet world which is integral to business life.

This short video summarises some of the key points we touched on and is ideal as a reference. Please do share with others in your team as you decide how your firm will serve clients, benefit from and help control the App environment.

We look forward to speaking again soon and working with you.

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