What has the Experience of MyFirmsApp been like for our clients?

Since we started MyFirmsApp in 2013, we’ve expanded from 100 satisfied clients in the UK by September 2013 to 600 clients worldwide and over 130000 downloads on the iStore and Google Play by 2016. Over 97% of our clients have renewed their App subscriptions and our App has received praise and recommendations from various accounting and bookkeeping networks and organisations such as the ICPA, the ICAEW, the ACCA and CIMA.

The statistics speak for themselves: People love the App and what we do for them, but you may want some words directly from the source: our clients. Many of them have been happy to provide us with a ton of testimonials, viewable on the MyFirmsApp website. Here’s some choice cuts that give some insight into the Experience of MyFirmsApp.

Mason Bloom – Partner – Silver Levene

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for your work on the app. It’s been an excellent tool for the practice, we’ve had numerous benefits. One area where we regularly see it working is with new business generation. To give you one example, just last week we had a new Barrister client join us who had come across our App. She really liked the tools and the fact that it was such a helpful and different way of supporting clients. It was enough for her to get in touch and then with our strength of experience in this sector – a new client was won! It’s great to see the App initiating contact like this and supporting our reputation.

Chances are that you’ve heard of the ICPA. Since being founded in 2000, they’ve expanded from 6 founding members to 920 small firms and accountancy practices around the UK. Here’s the chairman of the ICPA giving his take on the Experience of MyFirmsApp.

Tony Margaritelli – Chairman – Institute of Certified Practising Accountants (ICPA)

Just to let you know, I asked 2 fledgling Accountants yesterday to check out the product. One was 22 and one 25. Both thought the product was great and intuitive which proves my theory exactly that this is the future and old dinosaurs like me need to wake up to it!

You can also watch Tony’s video on MyFirmsApp here.

Our powerful Accountancy & Bookkeeping App was too good to be only available in the UK, so we branched out to Australia. Here’s 2 of our Australian clients talking about the Experience of MyFirmsApp:

Steven Thomas – Director – Thomas Service Holdings Pty Ltd

The experience I’ve had with MyFirmsApp has been excellent. The journey of developing our mobile App has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest, professional experience I have had in my 20 years of being an accountant.

Stuart Brandman – Director – 542 Partners

The App will certainly transform the way in which we communicate with our clients. Email communication can often be lost in this day and age of swelling mailboxes; the App ensures we can deliver concise and relevant information, straight to their smart phone. More and more clients are performing accounting and tax functions using a mobile device, and the software vendors themselves are spending significant resources developing their mobile Apps. Our new App can blend with this and form a neat connection between the client, their accounting software and their advisors.

MyFirmsApp branched out to the United States this year and we’ve quickly found some amazing clients who’ve gotten a lot out of the App, like Jim Turlington of the Texas-based Turlington, Reeves & Orlando. Here’s his Experience of MyFirmsApp:

Jim Turlington – Partner – Turlington, Reeves & Orlando, PLLC

We chose the MyFirmsApp solution because we recognise the shift in society which is overwhelmingly technology based today – across all generations. The GPS Mileage Tracker, Photo Receipt Manager and especially the Push Notifications we can send, create real value with our clients. In fact, the ability to send a Push notification is one of the capabilities that we find most beneficial! It saves so much time, even for sending out general reminders – and our clients love them too. We can also post important articles in the App which keep our clients up to date with tax law issues and help answer questions we frequently receive from them.

More and more clientele are part of the millennial generation and they will be expecting their CPA firm to have an App. Just in the first 10 days roughly 15% of our clients have it, and that number will continue to grow rapidly. What’s more, we are the first firm in Houston to have their own App for clients, and the marketing differentiation this creates for us is truly fantastic. In short – this is something all CPA firms should have!

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Daniel Richards

Daniel Richards | danielr@myfirmsapp.com

Daniel is Head of Sales and a member of the executive team at MyFirmsApp – the global leader in Apps for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

He is passionate about helping firms maintain a key role in the always-on App environment which plays such an important part in our daily lives. He is particularly keen to raise awareness of the threats posed to accountants and bookkeepers by 3rd parties and even Government. Without a firms’ own App, it really has no way to serve within, benefit from or control the environment where so many clients and prospects now spend their time each day.

Daniel has been involved in helping professional service firms grow and make the most of new techniques, strategies and technology for over 17 years. He is considered to be a thought-leader, is a renowned speaker, and is the go-to-guy for firms and professional bodies when it comes to Apps for accountancy firms.

He has hundreds of testimonials from large and small firms alike, has presented to thousands of firms through the MyFirmsApp and Insight webinars, and regularly speaks for the professional bodies and membership organisations.

Outside work: In his early days Daniel spent most of his time mountaineering and was fortunate enough to undertake expeditions in places such as The Himalayas, Alps, Alaska, Papua New Guinea, Norway and others. Now he enjoys the outdoors as much as possible with his family and friends as well as being active in the leadership of a local church.