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It’s time to tackle the stereotype!

I sat with my 9-year-old son watching the 6 Nations rugby last weekend. Some of the tackles were fearsome, weren’t they? Real bone-crunchers. And in the interval my mind wandered to our clients, and how they have some fearsome tackles to make, too.

OK, they may not be exactly ‘bone-crunching’, but they face an ongoing uphill battle against what I call ‘The Accountant’s Stereotype’: the way accountants are perceived by the majority of business owners.

We all know the stereotypical view; accountants are boring, dull, uninteresting and expressionless. It’s not true, but dealing with it and tackling that issue head-on is an essential component of the growth plan for any progressive firm.

Across the country, thousands upon thousands of accountancy firms are battling against it – each one trying in its own way to stand out and break the mould.

It’s not easy. The stereotypical view is ingrained into so many business owners’ minds, that they believe all accountants are the same. And if that’s the case then they may as well stay with their current accountant. ‘Better the devil you know, etc’.

They don’t look beyond the stereotype to try and find a quality, proactive firm that can offer them so much more than they are currently getting. Not simply in the areas of compliance or tax savings, but in many cases, helping them run their businesses better, making more profit – and having more fun!

So what can you do?

What I am about to suggest is a simple yet powerful tool that cuts through preconceptions like Luther Burrell through the Scottish defence. (Sorry Scotland!) We have worked with firms of accountants across the UK for over 25 years and nothing comes close to the power of The Accountant’s App. It’s low cost, easy to implement and hassle free to use. Better still, it requires no partner time!

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