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Here are some examples of how we see it being used:

Leveraging the App with our client base

Our clients download the App and use it for the latest calculators, tax rates, currencies and key financial information, and share this with their colleagues and friends.

Quick access to all their systems

They can login to any of their cloud accounting systems via our in-built portals, with quick login and access enabled. This means they remain in our App and branding, rather than having to go directly to various other software Apps.

Exporting data

Clients tracking their mileage, receipts and income can categorise this data and export it to us in bulk at the end of the week or month to be upload into our systems, saving any last-minute run-arounds, and we can chase them for any necessary data with push notifications.

Tax push reminders

Sending the latest news, company updates and key tax date reminders to our clients wherever they are, informing them of what they need to complete their returns and how to get support.

Clients keeping in touch

Phone, Skype, email and social media; our presence will be in their pockets 24/7, meaning they can communicate with us all from one section of the App, and request to book a meeting with us at a chosen date and time.

We will of course keep you updated and when our App is ready to download we will send around another internal communication email. If you wish, you can also subscribe to the MyFirmsApp client newsletter for general product updates and latest news here.

What does the App do?

The App will differentiate your firm from everyone else, providing a market-leading tool to attract clients and connect all your customers in one place. It will leverage all your accounting systems, software, tax calculators and content, Budget data and everything your clients need to manage their finances on a day-to-day basis - all available at their fingertips.

One App One place Your brand

The App will help future-proof your firm and occupy the digital world and give your brand a presence and strength in the App space – everywhere your clients go, your firm goes with them. Your logo and company design will be downloaded by business owners and their staff looking to keep up with the times and find a free, time-saving platform to access all the data and tax management they need.

Marketing and referrals

Identify prospects who are using the App – collect their data, export to your marketing systems and reach out to convert them into clients, all with little time and effort but maximum return.

A brand-new way to communicate with clients

Push Notifications will generate on average a 97% open rate - up to 5x more effective than email. You can engage with clients and prospects with great capabilities; send tax reminders, updates, general reminders and the latest news all at the click of a button to all your App users, or tailored to individuals or groups.

This all-new revolutionary method allows you to see who is using your App and who exactly they are – allowing you to focus and tailor your marketing for clients’ ad non-clients, directing message straight to their Smartphone – anytime, anywhere.

Instant Budget and Statement News

The Budget Pack provides a centralised hub for everything your clients need to know – predictions, news, key stories, announcements and leading reaction from industry insiders – all updated and managed by us so your App is the go-to-place for your clients.

Calculators & tax content

The App brings all your valuable business systems, accounting logins, tax data and compliant finance tools in one place to build deeper relationship and maintain client trust and engagement.

The App contains a vast collection of powerful tax calculators, providing you with the exact information you need right at your fingertips.

From ‘VAT’ and ‘Loan’, to highly complex calculators such as ‘Dividend Vs Salary’ or ‘Company Car’, our calculators have been carefully created and designed to help clients’ with a range of calculations.

Simply access the ‘Calculators’ icon from the home screen of our App and select the calculator you wish to use.

You can also browse the extensive library of tax tables, giving you the very latest tax rates 24/7 whenever you need them; from National Insurance and Inheritance Tax to Income Tax, Tax Credits and Mileage and Fuel Allowance – all updated as soon as any changes are announced by HMRC.

Also, check all the vital HMRC filing dates and deadlines, including self-assessment, year-end, PAYE, various forms and both paper and electronic filing deadlines.

Some of the tools your app will contain

Expense tools

Receipt Manager

Never lose a receipt again – simply photograph, add notes and store them in relevant categories. Clients can simply click to photograph the receipt and then input any relevant data such as receipt name or payment method.

Income Tracker

Track daily, weekly and monthly income using the inbuilt Income tool. Log income whether it is personal or business related, take a photo, and save it on the App.

GPS Mileage Tracker

Manage mileage on the go, track and log trips all in-App! You can also log a manual journey, and track when you leave the App with our GPS background tracker.

Clients can then export all the above data to by email.


Convert Currency on-the-go, whether you’re travelling abroad or need to keep up with the economic movements and currency fluctuations.

Customised icons and bespoke links

The App will become the critical interface to connect with clients anytime, anywhere. Receipt Bank and Secure Document exchange integration, cloud accounting logins, online payment access and custom icons that differentiate and form the foundation for one, single platform your users will need to interact with.

Real time finance news & data

The App will stream the very latest real-time finance news and host the latest market data and share prices, as well as the real-time price of metals.

Custom content

Add your own content to the App, showing team profiles and the services we offer – it’s particularly important to make sure we keep this up-to-date for prospects who download the App and browse our content.