App Upgrade for Yare Accountancy

Yare Accountancy unleashes Platinum App upgrade for iPhone and Android Devices

Norwich accountancy firm Yare has been a prestigious establishment in the county since 1984 and are still running strong in a hypercompetitive industry, opening a new branch in Great Yarmouth only last year. As a accountancy firm and business consultant, Yare have a range of services on offer, such as producing Annual Accounts for sole traders, payrolls, Forensic Accountancy, VAT, Account Management, Tax Returns and company formation. Yare has partnered extensively with Quickbooks to provide a service above and beyond what other firms offer in the region.

Yare has had its App available since the end of last year, but it didn’t take them long to decide on upgrading its App to provide an unparalleled service to its current clients and bring in new clients won over by App technology and convenience.

Login portals for finance and document storage services

The first thing a regular user might notice is that some new buttons have been added near the end; namely, PayPal, QuickBooks, DropBox and Receipt Bank. Through an in-App portal on your device, you can access the company’s websites through the App, as well as access and transfer important documents. This gives Yare a level of client control and retention that would fill most firms of its type with inconsolable envy.

PayPal is a service that almost everybody has used if they didn’t have access to a credit/debit card. By far one of the largest online payment systems in the world, PayPal serves an integral role to businesses that need to transfer funds, accept and send out payments.

Quickbooks Online, alongside Xero, is one of the most popular cloud accounting services globally. Quickbooks aim to provide their services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Anglosphere and India. By logging in through the App your clients can access their own real-time dashboard to manage taxes, track income and produce annual reports or payrolls on the go with little difficulty.

Dropbox is the original cloud storage service. For those who don’t know, cloud storage is an extremely useful service that allows you to view ANY file, on ANY device, provided that the device has the correct tools and is compatible with the file. Simple to use and aesthetically pleasant, Dropbox is the only cloud storage service you need.

Receipt Bank, although newer and thus less prominent than the illustrious names above, was developed by Xero as part of its Practice Manager App. Regardless; Xero has allowed MyFirmsApp to provide this service within its own Apps.

Yare Platinum App is also integrated with financial features & tools:

Receipt Manager: Are you frustrated with losing tons of old receipts and missing out on expense claims? The MyFirmsApp™ Receipt Manager will allow your clients to upload pictures of their receipts to your phone and give a short description of what they are. HMRC will accept your electronic receipts provided that you give a sufficient description of what they are for – your App can achieve this in just a few seconds.

Mileage Tracker: You may have to make journeys as part of your business activities, and keeping track of your mileage with pen & paper is time consuming and confusing. MyFirmsApp™’s Mileage Tracker will record your travels for you and collate it all into a single App, which can be easily emailed.

Income Tracker: You may have multiple sources of income and struggle to keep track of it, or want to compare total income to expenditure. The MyFirmsApp™ Income Tracker allows you to input all your different forms of income into one place and track it next to total expenditure.

Last but not least, this App also offers 16 specialised calculators to assist you in any financial needs you may have, from VAT calculation, mortgage, savings, income tax and inflation adjustments.

As time marches on, accountancy firms across the globe are starting to comprehend the universally beneficial aspects of owning your own branded App. Gain a level of client control and retention seen only in the most optimistic business forecasts and retain your relevancy in a rapidly changing industry with the MyFirmsApp solution.

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