In an environment dominated by digital technologies, how accountancy firms market their services has evolved. Those firms that have grasped new communication channels to reach their clients have secured prosperous futures.

This is the first of a new series of blog posts that will reveal the top 17 accountants lead generation ideas that all accountancy practices can start using now.

All accountancy firms are working in a highly competitive environment. Using this series of tried and tested accountants lead generation ideas all accountants can increase their sales leads that convert into long profitable relationships.

Like you, we have to respond to changes and develop new marketing activities that work for accountancy firms in every new environment. That means we have tried all the current accountants lead generation ideas that have been developed.

So, before reeling off scores of accountants lead generation ideas, tips, tools and techniques, it’s important that we all understand that the accountancy profession is not simply changing. It has already changed – forever.

Accountants and how they practice their skills has transformed out of all recognition. Today thanks to technologies such as cloud computing and mobile digital technologies that includes the now essential smartphone and tablet; how business is transacted has also advanced. Using our accountants lead generation ideas we will explain, your accountancy firm can leverage these technologies to the full.

Accountancy App lead generation


One of the most conspicuous examples of how accountancy practices have progressed is clearly illustrated by their use of Apps. Its something David Oliver supports in his latest video ‘5 Ways to Grow your Practice

The Houston Partnership is a medium-sized Scottish chartered accountancy practice based in Glasgow. The partners’ extensive personal experience of running their own businesses, combined with their professional qualifications as accountants, gives The Houston Partnership a big advantage when it comes to offering advice to small to medium business owners.

“All accountants say they are ‘different’, but it’s hard to explain why they are any different from the rest,” said David Houston. “Yet having an App has given us something tangible that clearly demonstrates we are different. There’s no hard sell, no sales or marketing spiel, just an App that can be quickly and easily downloaded onto their smartphone or tablet and immediately opens communication between us and the potential client. It’s very simple, but highly effective!”

The hallmark of all successful accountancy firms is their agility. Flexible, open-minded accountancy practices that are ready to embrace technological, commercial and economic changes will always prosper.

These accountancy practices attract like-minded clients who want far more than ‘traditional accountants’ can offer, and they will be prepared to pay for it. An accountancy App is an excellent lead generation idea no accountancy practice should be without.

Lead generation ideas grow accountancy practices

Accountancy has always been a highly personal industry with business owners often seeing their accountant and solicitor, as part of their personal team – vital to the successful running of their enterprises. That personal connection can now take on an even more intimate role thanks to technologies like accountancy Apps.

Business owners want on-demand services delivered to them via a number of channels. This invariably means using the mobile digital device they are using every day. One of the best ways your accountancy practice can embrace these devices is with the development of an App. Accountancy firms that have developed an App report an instant increase in quality lead generation. An App is an essential lead generation tactic.

The connections your business is making are the foundation of all effective accountancy lead generation strategies. Says Fooks & Co senior partner, Dave Collins: “I have to say that having an App is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a practice. It has completely changed the way in which we interact with our clients. In the past, it was always difficult to find time to communicate with clients – apart from the time of year when accounts were due – so there was nothing that could be considered to be a ‘relationship’.”

Jo Causon, CEO Institute of Customer Service comments: “As the economy begins to grow organisations need to recognise that the customer service experience they deliver is increasingly important in customers’ buying decisions. Those organisations that focus on differentiating through customer service are well placed to achieve sustainable performance. But to do this they need to view customer service as integral to building customer relationships across the value chain, not just as a series of transactions.”

Agile accountancy firms will be responsive, lightweight and decisive. They will be early adopters, embracing new routes to market, prepared to take a few risks in pursuit of significant reward and profits. Rewards that the current adopters of accountancy App technology are enjoying right now.

New age accounting



The most successful accountancy practices are those that have rapidly modernised their enterprises to take advantage of the latest technologies. From the cloud to social media, these accountants understand how technology can help them gain more leads and cement long and lucrative commercial relationships.

There is no time to loose kick starting your accountancy practice’s lead generation. A structured use of social media, the development of an App and leveraging cloud-based services are just some of the accountants lead generation ideas that MyFirmsApp can help your practice develop.

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This is the first of a series of blog posts that will explore the top 17 ways accountants can generate more lucrative leads. Read our full free report: ’17 Lead Generation Tips, Tricks and Ideas that Really Work’ to learn more tried and tested marketing activities all accountancy firms can use now.

In the next post we will be looking closely at how in an age of social media and the App, personal connections with your accountancy practice’s clients is still a vital component of successful lead generation.

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