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Thank you for ordering your new Bronze App and making the necessary payment if you have not looked at your ‘Thank You Document’ you can get that here. We ask all App clients to use this form even if you believe we already have the details. Please note, what you enter will be the information used so do not write ‘you have this information’ etc in the forms.

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Important Note this is the person we will send all communications to. This may include App passwords, login details, your App designs and App content.

Naturally if you wish to share this yourself and collate feedback you are free to do so. This aids the efficiency of your project, streamlines communications and helps us to provide you with the very highest level of service.

Once live who in your company will be responsible for marketing and promoting your app?

Please supply details of any others in your business that you want to receive copies of anything submitted through your contact form on your App, once live:

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Third Party Contacts

If you would like to give us permission to divulge information / speak to, a third party outside of your company in regards to your app please fill in the following section.

 I do not require any third party contacts

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Your App Name in the Store

*Getting your name right in the App stores (both Apple and Android) is important. You need to think about what people might search for along with your branding and the title length. For example you might wish to use your firm name to make it easy for client. Alternatively you could call it something that people who don’t know you might search for such as ‘Accountancy Services’ or ‘Accountants in X’. There is a restriction imposed by both Apple and Android on the length of your name. This is a 30 character limit we appreciate for some this means not having the ideal name, or having to shorten the title using abbreviations. This is a regulation that’s imposed upon us and is outside of our control. Please be aware that the name you provide will be the exact name used, so any spelling mistakes or grammar errors will not be corrected.

If want to check if your desired app name has been used, you can visit our website to find out quickly and easily if your name is available.

Abbreviation Under Icon


* The abbreviation entry above is used for underneath your app icon on a phone / tablet. Due to restrictions in length, we recommend an abbreviation of ten characters or less in length. Please be aware that the name entered above will be the exact name used, so any spelling mistakes or grammar errors will not be corrected.

Link to your website from your App

Your Social Media Profiles

Youtube Links

Warning: You may add (if you wish) links to YouTube videos however the App stores issue Apps with an Age Rating or Certificate (in the same way a film has one). Your App will normally be granted a 4+ rating meaning suitable for all users, by adding a YouTube link this will immediately increase this to 17+. Whilst this is not a problem, it will affect younger users accessing the App if the device has age restrictions applied in its settings.

Company Address to appear on the App

*The address you provide will be used by us to generate a Google Maps link for your app. Please ensure that you have a valid entry in Google Maps as this could effect what is entered into your App. We cannot be held liable for the map that Google produces. If you are unsure what this refers to please contact your current website support company or the My Firms App technical support team.

Company Contact details to appear on the App

Brand Guidelines

If you have brand guidelines, please upload them here.

Please add any other notes with regard to brand styling or direction you wish to give at this stage.


Please note: If the files you are uploading have a combined size larger than 8mb it may take more time to upload depending on your internet connection.

If you continue to have trouble uploading your files, please use something like Dropbox or WeTransfer and send them to

In order to submit your App to the stores we require a version of your letterhead with the text provided here.

*Please note your letterhead needs to contain only the text on the link above.

MyFirmsApp have developed and will maintain this App for our company.

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Please proceed in pushing the App through the stores.

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