Exclusive features to ACCA members

We’ve teamed up with the ACCA to bring your membership resources to life. By integrating these into your App and delivering them directly and automatically to your clients and prospects when they want them.



Over 300 free reports – branded and in App

As part of your ACCA membership you are given access to over 300 reports. They deal with almost every area of business and are incredibly valuable for your end users.

The problem is every single report needed a firms details adding (no small job!) and then a firm would need to distribute them. That’s why for so many ACCA members these resources never make it to their customers and potential clients.

So the technical team at MyFirmsApp got to work – and developed a unique solution for every ACCA Marketplace customer who engages MyFirmsApp. As part of your package we will take these resources, brand them for you, add them to the App via a homepage icon – and kaboom!

Your App will have 300+ free reports for your App users.



6 pre-written push message – engaging your App community automatically

Having 300 + great reports available in your App is fantastic – but sharing 6 feature reports using pre-written automated message means your App is engaging, attracts users to return and every time its all thanks to your firm.

As part of your ACCA Marketplace package you get access to 6 proven, pre-written messages to schedule automatically that will reach your App users instantly.



Join a global community of likeminded firms with exclusive access to the MyFirmsApp community

As an ACCA member when you launch your App with MyFirmsApp you access the only compliant App for your firm but you also gain immediate access to a full time ‘enablement team’ along with exclusive access to the MyFirmsApp community.

A centralised community of likeminded, professional, forward thinking firms like yours. Where the latest thinking is shared.



Full feature trial and 1:1 telephone walkthrough

Register here for your free, no-obligation App trial and discover how an App will benefit your firm.

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Already, over 500 firms are using the App and 30 – 40 new firms are joining them every month

You can take the free trial of the App at your desk. all it takes is 15 minutes in which we’ll show you how an App can:


  • Be fully customised in your firm’s branding

  • Help you secure new clients and generate positive referrals

  • Provide updated tax tables, calculators and budget packs

  • Integrate with your chosen software and Cloud services

  • Differentiate your firm

  • Protect your firm from client attrition

  • Build irreplaceable long term relationships with your clients



Fully endorsed by ACCA and all the other professional bodies

Our Apps are already used by over 130,000 SMEs worldwide, engaging with them more than 30,000 times every month. They are also promoted or endorsed by all the leading professional bodies including ICAS, CIMA, ACCA, ICAEW, IFA, 2020 AND ICPA, so you can rely on their accuracy and effectiveness.

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