New App for Accountants

Progressive, dynamic and different, Fitch Accountants are always looking to stay ahead of the curve. Their founder Michael could see the rise in smartphone use amongst his clients and he wanted to reach out to them. With a mix of Apple and Android users, the final App would need to be compatible with both device types.

Rather than spend tends of thousands developing their own App Fitch Accountants came to to help them develop, design and launch their very own Fitch Accountants App for less than £1000.

What’s more because Fitch used they got far more than a fantastic App. They benefited from 8 amazing features, packed into one pocket sized App.

8 Powerful features from 1 powerful App

8 powerful features

  1. Messages and communications distributed by you to all App users in seconds
  2. Fully branded and colour coordinated App in front of all your prospects and clients
  3. Fantastic calculators, tax tables and content
  4. Positions your key practice information in front of key decision makers
  5. Integrates seamlessly with your social media
  6. Can be automatically updated through a blog
  7. Arrange to meet feature making enquiring simple
  8. Future proof

Fitch also benefited from complete marketing support

Having a great tool like an App is one thing, getting as many users as possible to use it is another. One of the big attractions for Fitch was they could opt to receive a complete marketing pack that enabled them to launch their new App with ease. It contained material appropriate for both clients and potential clients using different routes to market such as email, direct mail, blogs and of course their own website. You can read more about the marketing pack Fitch Accountants chose here marketing help


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