Populating your App

Within your App there are 3 areas that you can control.

These are:

  • Solutions for You
  • Meet the Team
  • Contact Us or Arrange to Meet

You will have already been given your password and link to add and edit this content. It’s an important part of the App that you go back to, Edit, improve, tweak or improve copy.

Can we add the content for you?

Yes we can. We only starting offering this service as clients asked us for it. For a small administration charge of £95 + VAT our team will add this content for you.

This charge covers the administration time it takes to gather the relevant content and add it to your App via your login.

We get the information for the App from your website. Therefore it’s important to note if the content is not available we do not write new content for this fee.

The charge simply covers our time to find, select, and add the content for you including adding images of your location(s) Maps on the contact us section.

To request that we write your App content please email your request to support@myfirmsapp.co.uk or call 0800 803 0826.

Some firms do not have important or critical content like staff bios, or core services. We do offer copywriting services if you wish of this content to be written for you.

What should you put in each section?

Solutions for You

Within this section of your App you should add content about you, your firm and key services. A typical Apps content might include:

  • About Us
  • Our Values or Vision and Values
  • Testimonials or What Our Clients Say! or Client Comments
  • Annual Accounts
  • Annual Tax Returns
  • Payroll
  • VAT
  • Financial Audit
  • Company Secretarial
  • Management Accounts
  • Tax Planning
  • Etc….

Meet the Team

Statistically the most visited page on an accountants website is the Meet The Team Page. And that’s logical when you think that you are providing a professional service that’s largely people focused.

This page should contain bios of staff members and photos (if desired)

Contact Us or Arrange to Meet

Should include your relevant contact details and image of your location(s) map.