Tackling the accountancy stereotype

It was a day of firsts on Sunday for my 9 year old son as I took him to Twickenham to watch his first live international. And what a wonderful experience it was. Everyone was polite, well mannered and the atmosphere ‘electric’.

During the interval, in the inevitable queue for a drink, my mind wandered to our customers.

Hundreds of accountancy firms, each one battling with the ‘stereotypical view’. Each one trying in their own way to stand out, breaking the mould… Some more successfully than others.

We all know the stereotypical view; accountants are boring, dull, uninteresting and expressionless. It’s not true, but dealing with it, tackling that issue is important, but until now it’s not been that easy.

The stereotypical view is ingrained into many business owners’ minds, staying with their current accountant with the mentality ‘better the devil you know’. Not understanding that a quality, proactive firm can offer so much more.

Not simply in the areas of compliance or tax savings either. In many cases you can help them run their businesses more easily, have more fun and be more profitable.

What can you do?

Well, leading experts and marketing consultants will peer down from their lecterns or via their webcams and say you need to be different; boring is optional; so do something!

The problem is, doing something to tackle this issue has not been easy – until now.

Most of the partners I have the pleasure of working with simply don’t have the time to think about differentiating their firm. And those who do, recognise that it requires a sales and marketing effort that’s not culturally comfortable and certainly doesn’t play to their strengths.

What I am about to suggest is the most powerful tool I have ever worked on for Accountants. It’s low cost, simple and hassle free to implement – and requires no partner time!

An incredible, proven, powerful way to TACKLE the STEREOTYPE

Launch your own App… Offer it free through the Apple and Android stores… And stand out!

By giving away this App you’re making a very bold statement – without saying anything at all. There’s no heavy sales message or pressured marketing that questions their loyalty or their relationship with their current firm.

Your Demo + Free Stress Ball


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Just give the App away for free.

That’s so powerful! The statement you make by sharing your App implies:

  • You are different
  • You are technologically advanced
  • You care enough to launch an App
  • You are proactive, reaching out
  • You send them push notifications
  • You are smart, forward thinking
  • From their existing accountant
  • Current firm is old fashion, out of date, getting left behind
  • Their current accountants don’t
  • They have not heard from their accountant since the last bill
  • They get nothing from their current firm!
  • Their existing firm is traditional, stuck in its ways

And when your end-users start to use the App (over 20,000 are already using our Apps) they will be impressed. And the next time they have a quick question or query, do you think they will go to their current firm or just email or text the firm they are interacting with on a daily basis?