Monthly Archives: October 2013

Today’s Webinar For Accountants The big question for many business owners and partners is ‘mobile’. What does the unbelievable rise in smartphone use mean to the financial profession. This all NEW webinar takes a close look at the UK Smartphone […]

Mistake – 7 of 12 Not making a decision when it comes to “Online Accounting” The online experience of those like Crunch and Clever Accounts sets the benchmark for an online experience that many firms don’t even know exists! Your […]

Mobile computing is one of the hottest topics across the financial profession today. That’s because almost all of us now use smartphones & tablets wherever we are on the go, in the office or at home. So the big question […]

Mistake – 6 of 12 Not launching your own App approved by Apple and Android Apps and Mobile technology will become as important as email to accountants. Over the next few months you will see considerable growth in this area […]

Mistake – 5 of 12 Not using an integrated blog to manage your social media and SEP Whenever we do a presentation on blogs we get common objections to blogging, like: We don’t have the time to write that stuff! […]

Ten Tips to create a website strategy that really works Tip 1 | Recognise that the market has changed Over the past 3 years, the way people browse the web has changed dramatically, thanks to the advent of Smartphones and […]