Protect Clients

Should you allow your clients download lots of different supplier Apps or should you protect your valuable customer base?

Launching your own App brings you closer to your clients whilst putting everything in one central place, enabling you to control and benefit from the App ecosystem.

Operational Benefits

Your app gives you, your staff and your clients operational benefits that will save you time, effort, money and resource. For example, imagine never having to chase for a milage log or expense file ever again!

A Technological Leap

This proven solution gives your firm and your App users the latest technology at their fingertips. It means you are engaging with your current and future clients in the way most of us now consume content and material – in App without any new IT infrastructure required.


A Stunning Marketing Tool

Your App will become one of the most valuable marketing tools for your firm without any hard sales. Simply by giving away your App it’s saying that you’re different, advanced and forward thinking.

Tax and Financial Data

The App gives your users the very latest in tax, financial data and calculators and all in your branding. Updated and managed for you using out expert team.

Communication Simplified

Your new App will open up a revolutionary communication channel ‘Push Notification message’. It gives you the ability to communicate with your App users, enjoying high engagement (many time more successful then email), zero bounce rates and no management of email data!


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