Accountex 2014 – Should you attend?

In its third year and set to deliver even MORE for accountants, we want to ask the question…

‘Should you attend?’

Accountex 2014

A Very Clever Cocktail

Suppliers, Content and Leading Speakers

There are times when a supplier gets the mix ‘just right’. And that’s what we believe the team behind Accountex have done since year one. As an event, it’s a very clever cocktail of suppliers, content and leading speakers that accountancy firms, Finance Directors and industry professionals all love.

From the outside, the event line-up may seem like a happy coincidence, but when you take a closer look at the speaker line up, the theatres, the support from associations and media partners, you’ll start to understand why Accountex is unique. For that reason, we believe every accountant in practice or in business should attend.

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Why do we say that?

1. See, Sense and Hear how your profession is changing.

I’m sure you have read the headlines: ‘The Accountancy Profession is Changing’ and for many firms that’s blindingly obvious. However, when you stand in the hall at Accountex, you suddenly get a real sense of this for the first time. It’s like all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together!

Many of the tired, old names are gone. There are fresh faces, new suppliers, new ideas and brand new concepts. Without talking to anyone, allow yourself a few moments to take it all in and you will see, sense and hear that your profession is definitely changing.

And it’s thanks to events like Accountex that you can be very proud that you’re part of the changing profession.

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2. An Amazing and Valuable Use of Your Time

Accountex is the only national exhibition for accountants and FDs. Indeed, it’s Europe’s largest exhibition for accountants, giving visitors a unique opportunity to maximizing their valuable time.

Being able to see ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ all under one roof is a huge benefit for time-pressed professionals. Previous visitor feedback confirms that one of the BIG wins is being able to see and do everything in just one visit.

Trying to make arrangements to see all these suppliers would take weeks. But thanks to Accountex, you can do it in just one day. You can preview a list of the exhibitors here.

3. Awesome Content – All Under One Roof

Supported by the UK’s most important accountancy associations, Accountex provides a staggering array of new content and learning opportunities. There are 12 educational seminar theatres, interactive workshops and the largest keynote theatre yet – and best of all, it’s free!

With hundreds of hours of content, from all the leading names, presenters and brands in the industry, you need to sit down and plan your visit carefully then drop into the sessions that are most appropriate to you, your business and your specific circumstances.

4. Something very positive yet unexpected almost always happens

By attending an event of this size, with this number of suppliers, speakers and keynote sessions, you can be sure something unexpected will almost certainly happen. It’s only by being there, in the mix, taking it all in first hand, that you get this opportunity.

It can’t be quantified, but one idea, one new thought you take away, that chance meeting, that presentation you heard, can have a significant impact on your firm’s future.

5. The Insight Sales and Marketing Workshop

Once again Insight is sponsoring an entire workshop. You can register in advance here.

It’s all about GROWTH! I know it’s often in our minds, but the key question is how can you achieve profitable, sustainable growth?

Over 2 days, our entire workshop is focused on exactly that, with a focus on what is working right now for other accountancy firms like yours.

Insight Marketing

6. Interested in Legal?

There is an extra benefit this year, with the sister event LegalEx running at the same venue, on the same dates. The two events will be connected by a champagne networking area.

Not only is this a great opportunity to bring along any legal contacts you might have, but it also gives you an opportunity to network with new legal connections and contacts, develop your connection base and perhaps meet one or two new potential introducers.

LegalEx 2014

When and Where?

ExCeL London | 15th & 16th May | Free To Attend

Make sure you remember to define your objectives before you attend the event; do your research on the website and plan your day. If you arrive prepared and motivated, Accountex is sure to deliver results way beyond your expectations.

Accountex 2014


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