Differentiating Your Accountancy Practice

Differentiating Your Accountancy Practice

Creating A Positive Reason For Choosing You As The Accountant

Accountants generally have a fairly tough time of it! The stereotypical view of accountants is that they are all the same – boring! It isn’t true but goodness me you know how hard it is to shift the sigma.

It can be hard to differentiate your firm from the next one down he road. That’s why; when you are presented with a low cost, high quality way to ‘stand out’ you should grasp the chance immediately. Because if your accountancy practice is differentiated from competitors, you provide a positive reason for clients to choose you rather than your competitors.

Less than 2% of Accountants have an App

Other than all the fantastic technological reasons and online features of an App. As a business owner I love the way this App will immediately differentiate your firm.

If you choose to become on one of the early adopters of App technology your firm will stand head and shoulders above your competitors. You will be noticed as a technologically advanced accountancy firm prepared to reach out in a modern and different way.

This will win you business (Read one firms story here) but more than that, it will make conversations easier.

Something physical to give people

Having an App positions you differently, we have had client’s print massive App banners for exhibitions, decal up staff cars, get pages of free PR and give away iPads with the App pre loaded to large new clients.

It’s not simply about giving it to all your customers and prospects and letting them download it. Its about the impact and impression getting your own App approved by Apple and Google, Simple things like showing customers how to download your new App or scan a QR code positions you in a new light. Sharing your free App with prospects whose own accountant might be stuck in the dark ages is a powerful step. It says an awful lot about you without you having to say anything at all! And without ever having to ‘sell’ to anyone. All you need to do is give it away free to as many people as possible.

Made easy with printed flyers

Your very own iPhone shaped mailer, in highest quality 350gsm card, laminated on both sides and die cut. A unique flyer you can hand out in meetings and send post out to your clients and prospects alike.

Differentiating Your Accountancy Practice

Designed to be shared & go viral

Its unlikely your practice will go viral, but your App can. The positive and lasting impact of launching your own App is not limited nor restricted to your current network.

Because the App is free and is incredibly useful, we have seen lots of users review Apps in the Apple and Android store. They have been ‘liked’ through Facebook, shared on Twitter, Google + Pinterest. Your new App is designed to go viral and is going to be shared with the individuals that your customers are connected with.

Without any effort at all required from you.

Differentiating Your Accountancy Practice


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