First Accountants App launches in Ireland

Registered auditors and accountants Noone Casey have become the first firm in Ireland to launch the Accountants and Bookkeepers App.

The Dublin firm are the first to take advantage of unique App technology, reaching out to clients in a modern way by launching their brand into the App ecosystem.

Founded by Andrew Noone and Anthony Casey in 1992, Noone Casey now operate with three partners and a staff of 15, and are established as one of Ireland’s leading independent financial advisory firms.

They understand the need for their clients to receive personalised tax, financial and commercial advice, going that step further to help you start or expand your business. The industry experience prevalent at the firm means they have valuable insight as to the financial ins and outs of established businesses, and their commitment to maintaining a strong relationship with clients enables them to tailor their services to help their clients every need.

Integrating systems on a unique App platform

The accountancy firm can now host financial information on the Tax App solution, using leading technology to combine key dates, live blog feed, 12 important calculators, tax updates and a news section all updated directly by Noone Casey for the benefit of their clients. The stand-out features that will help differentiate Noone Casey as accountants and broaden their future business, include the GPS Mileage Tracker, Income Tracker and Photo Receipt Manager.

They are the first Irish firm to embrace such a solution; looking modern, innovative and technologically advanced while also maintaining effective client communication.

Track your mileage and income on the Finance App

Clients can now interact with Noone and Casey through the Tax App to log and monitor their financial data on the App platform.

Clients can monitor income sources and expenditure in one place with this useful tool on the Accountancy App. Featuring an easy to complete Income Entry Form, they can view and export their income, allowing them to manage their finances efficiently. Noone Casey clients can also keep track of their business miles with the built-in Mileage Tracker. Enter any relevant information to accompany each logged trip, track distance and export trips via email at anytime to form part of your mileage claims.

Clients can photograph receipts and manage effectively within different categories of the App tool. Receipts can be stored in areas such as Office Expenses, Property Costs, Electronics and Travel Expenses. They can then be reviewed or exported directly to Noone Casey to incorporate into their accounts.

Access the latest UK and Ireland tax rates wherever you go

Choose from the selected options to calculate tax rates depending on your whereabouts. The tax calculator tool allows clients to make calculations for VAT, Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, APR, Inflation and many more for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, giving you the power to check costs accordingly and see how you might increase your profits as a business.

Clients can also get immediate access to a range of tax tables, with a comprehensive library of the latest rates 24/7, including VAT, Local Property, Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Pension Schemes, Company Cars and Residential Property

Noone Casey has taken a vital step to maintaining a strong company presence in the digital age, and are now leveraging into new markets, with key accounting data available to clients at their fingertips.

The Accountants and Bookkeeping App is available for other firms in Ireland wanting to protect their brand, their systems and their clients’ future.

Register here for your free 1:1 App demo and discover how you can launch a customised Accountants App representing your firm and brand identity.


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