21 Ways to Grow Your Firm Number 2:

Developing an inbound marketing model

This week we continue our series of blog articles ’21 ways you can generate new clients’. One of the keys to successful, modern lead generation is to accept that only a percentage (usually a small one) is predisposed, ready and willing to buy the service you offer.

Attracting the people who want to buy from you:

The historical model of lead generation was based on outbound marketing. This old-fashioned, scattergun approach depended on contacting the right person, at the right time, on the right minute of the right day. It was effective until professional firms starting marketing themselves seriously, when the cost per client acquired started to soar.

Successful firms now develop inbound marketing campaigns – effectively attracting the quality clients you want to work with, so that when they have a need for your services they contact you. This removes the need to ‘sell’ your services and instead deal only with quality, educated and informed potential customers.

How to get high quality clients coming to you:

You need to develop and perfect ways of attracting buyers before they go to your competitors. Typically, you’ll need to use a variety of methods to first attract them and then convert them.

This report looks at proven ways you can develop an inbound marketing model yourself, with our help or using another marketing agency.

The graph below demonstrates the various stages of the inbound model.

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