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Mark Carr & Co Accountants App gets them great PR

We have written before on why accountants should launch Apps, and on specific firms who have launched Apps like Tayabali Tomlin, Carters Accountants, and The Houston Partnership

Apps are helping accountancy firms across the UK to stand out, differentiating their firms from the stereotypical norm.

They are also the perfect low cost tool to effortlessly engage with customers in way that will save your firm and your client’s hours of time.

It’s not solely a tool for current customers though. Apps are a proven tool to give to your prospects and help you win quality new clients.

We have also seen scores of Accountancy firms win highly valuable PR totally. Take this example Mark Carr Accountants, we blogged about them previously as Mark shared feedback from clients prior to purchasing an App.

The Stage

Since then his App has been a fantastic tool, that’s also helped him win PR. You see Mark’s firm specializing in working with artists and actors. A key magazine publication in this sector is ‘The Stage’ any feature in this magazine would be a big win for any firm. Distributed to over 10,000 readers all in performing arts or similar it’s the perfect magazine for Mark Carr & Co.

So when he got a half page feature on his firm and the App Mark was delighted.

He joins a list of accountants who have all gained fantastic PR as a direct result of launching their own App. An App developed by MyFirmsApp that’s been approved in store by both Apple and Android in their branding and logo.

The Stage Mark Carr Article


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