Mistake 8 of 16 – Why accountants should launch a mobile website

This week we continue our series of blog articles ’16 mistakes made by accountants and how to avoid them’. An increasingly common mistake we see is firms launching a mobile website as a knee-jerk reaction to mobile growth, without launching an App first or considering the website’s core function.

It’s worth noting we have no axe to grind here. We build hundreds of Apps and scores of mobile websites. But, so many web agencies overstate the case of mobile web, and firms that take the bait often end up missing out.

So don’t make the mistake of launching a mobile website or responsive version of your site before you gather together all the facts. It makes great sense to reach out to your mobile audience, but a knee-jerk reaction won’t pay off.

Mobile growth facts and stats

Mobile growth is booming but largely due to the growth in App use.

Apps dominate the mobile web, with over 86% of time spent browsing ‘in-App’ – so it’s sensible to launch your App first and reach out in the right way.

If you create a mobile version of a website that is not working correctly (see previous mistake) you are compounding the problems.

Mobile searching in 2014 overtook desktop in some categories, but remember this includes ‘In-App’ searching.

A mobile visitor landing on a mobile site is more likely to buy but only IF your website is written, designed and working correctly. (See previous mistake).

App use will continue to boom as devices become more accessible, Internet speeds increase and App adoption grows.


  • Slow or very slow to load
  • Content unreadable
  • No click to call
  • Difficult or impossible to navigate
  • Directions, contact information hard to find
  • Most forms won’t work = no enquiries
  • Flash and other content won’t display
  • Forced to zoom, pinch or scroll many times
  • = Unusable for mobile viewers
  • = Visitors frustrated including your clients
  • = New business opportunities lost
  • Automatic redirection
  • Rapid load time
  • Directions, contact info immediately available
  • Key content instantly available
  • Minimal scroll, pinch or zoom
  • Simple, clear navigation
  • Click to call
  • Mobile forms
  • Auto update with current site
  • = Happy visitors including your clients
  • = High conversion from visitor to enquiry
  • + New business won


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