Brayshaw Morey Launch New App

Peterborough Accountants – Brashaw Morey launch an App

With over 22 years in accounting, Brashaw Morey believe in doing things differently. They want clients to gain maximum benefit from their extensive business expertise. Historically that’s been through traditional routes, employed by firms for years.

Today though, Brashaw Morey branch out into the world of Apps. With their very own App available through both the Apple and Android stores. It’s a true testament to their belief in doing things differently and a big step in positioning their firm as modern and technologically advanced.

You might think that because they have a big vision, and have an App on the Apple and Android store that they are a big firm. They are not!

Brashaw Morey, like many of our App customers, are smaller, owner-managed or single partner firms. Firms that are more agile than the larger multiple partner firms who have to face endless meetings to get a simple sign off.

A unique chance for firms to step up

The Founder and Director Ross Clephane saw the App as a unique opportunity for his firm to stand out. To be different from all the other accountancy firms in Peterborough. So while so many accountancy firms debate the power of having an App, the forward thinking, innovative firms like Brashaw Morey are reaping the rewards.

And credit to them.

Brayshaw Morey Launch New App


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