How a receipt management App can make client businesses, fast, efficient and fun

One of the pressure points that all business owners feel is organising the paperwork that inevitably is generated by their enterprise. The paperless office – as all business owners know – has failed to fully materialise.

In fact, the amount of paper that a business generates is actually increasing by 25 per cent each year. One area where your accountancy firm can help its clients reduce their paper mountain is to use an App that is convenient and efficient and is likely to become an essential companion of all the businesses that use it.

Your clients’ most precious commodity is time. Using the features built into a specialised accountancy tax App can save them masses of time, and alleviate the frustration of managing the business receipts they need to track. One of the most popular and useful features of the App your accountancy practice can create is receipt management.

A receipt management App enables any of your accountancy practice’s clients to simply photograph their receipt to capture it ready for submission into their accounts. What’s more, using this feature can save your clients up to 1 hour a week they can better spend expanding their business.

Your accountancy firm should be looking for new ways to support its clients. One tried and tested way of achieving this is to develop an App with receipt management built in.

Receipt apps have been available since the Smartphone appeared. Services such as Shoeboxed and NeatReceipt place convenient expense tracking services in the palm of the hand. What if your accountancy firm could do the same with other essential services also built into a specialised and personalised App?

Receipt management App


Business owners are constantly looking for ways to make running their business more efficient. Your accountancy firm can become an essential component of the businesses it helps by developing a receipt management App. As the Smartphone is now ubiquitous, it makes sense to use a device that your accountancy firm knows each client carries, as an efficiency tool.

Your accountancy practice’s clients constantly make purchases through the working week. Giving them an easy to use tool that takes the pain out of capturing their receipts is one powerful way accountants can make a more personal connection with each client.

Using an App for receipt management offers a number of advantages:

  • Lost receipts are a thing of the past, as a digital copy is always available.
  • Bookkeeping is more efficient, as each receipt can be easily recorded.
  • Expense reports can be generated to ensure your clients understand how much they are spending.
  • Digital receipts generated from an App can be stored online for easy and immediate access.
  • Cash flow planning becomes more efficient, as receipts for spending can be easily accessed for potential savings.
  • Optional Receipt Bank enables instant real time integration from the receipt photo to accountancy platforms like Xero, Kashflow, FreeAgent and Sage.

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Your feature packed accountancy App

The App that can be created for your accountancy practice offers many more features than simply receipt management. Learn how your accountancy firm can use apps to make lasting connections with clients and how an App can help your accountancy firm win new clients here.

The receipt manager built into your App offers seamless creation, management and export of receipt information. To capture a receipt is child’s play:

  • Navigate to the Receipt Manager from the home page of your app.
  • Choose ‘photograph a receipt’ to capture a new one.
  • You now need to choose a category for the receipt. This is useful along with the date and merchant when you need to locate specific receipts.
  • Take a clear photo of the receipt with your phone or tablet.
  • Complete the receipt information including its name, amount (you can record VAT separately), the date, how the item was paid for and any additional notes you need to remember.
  • You can now manage your receipts from within the App including exporting them all, or specific groups of receipts for use in other applications.


Receipt management can be one of the most time consuming and tedious components of managing your clients’ financial affairs. For accountancy firms an App can offer all these receipt management features and more.

The key to any successful accountancy relationship is to deliver timely services that remove many of the stress points business owners feel. Receipt management is a major stress point. With a receipt management App tailored to your clients’ needs, they will wonder how they every managed without your App.

Accountancy Apps have become a vital interface between accountancy practices, their clients and the accounting systems they use. Systems including Xero, Kashflow, Quickbooks, Sage, IRIS, Dropbox, Secured Document Exchange etc. can all be used with an App.

Your accountancy practice needs to develop its own App strategy now. Accountancy firms that can offer cutting-edge services delivered to their clients via the channels they want will become essential partners with the businesses they support. A receipt management App is just the tip of the iceberg with the features your accountancy practice’s App could contain.

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