Why use MyFirmsApp™?

  • The team behind MyFirmsApp™ have over 35 years’ experience working with accountancy firms
  • MyFirmsApp™ has designed, developed and launched more accountancy Apps than any other provider.
  • Fast-approaching 150,000 end-users means you have complete peace of mind it’s a tried, tested and proven solution
  • Scores of testimonials from accountancy firms that love MyFirmsApp™
  • The only App provider to be endorsed by one or more of the professional bodies (ICAEW, ICAS, CIMA, ICPA etc.)
  • The MyFirmsApp™ solution has more tools and features available than any other mobile App provider
  • Your secure data store makes updating, amending or changing your App incredibly simple
  • Access a Sage Network members package that is not available from any other provider


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