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Joining the App revolution is now fast and economic thanks to a new App service available in Australia and New Zealand for the first time.

The App economy is thriving. According to the App-Happy Australia survey from McCrindle research, 50% of respondents use an App every day. Deloitte also found that 57% of Australians consider their phone their ‘go to device’ for services.

What’s more There is now an ‘App paradigm’ that simply means when given the choice, your firms clients would rather use an App than a mobile browser. Statistica showed this last year when they reported global App downloads jumped from 102 million in 2013 to 138 million in 2014 with projections for this year to reach 180 million.

A website was the defining aspect of businesses perceived as modern and forward thinking. Today it’s those enterprises with the best App, which differentiates it in the marketplace. SmartInsights found that over 80% of our time when using mobile devices is with Apps. What this means for your accounting practice is that if you don’t have an App, you can only reach 20% of your potential market.

Creating, maintaining and marketing Apps has been up until now an expensive proposition that few professional service providers in Australia and New Zealand have been able to embrace.

This has now changed with the arrival of MyFirmsApp.

Your practice’s App can deliver a number of benefits including:

  • More convenience to your clients

  • Intuitive user interfaces

  • Off-line working

  • Access to native features of the phone or tablet

  • Apps are purpose-built for their devices – websites are not

In their 2014 Mobile Behaviour report, ExactTarget commented: “The brand with the easiest-to-access content wins. Eighty-three per cent of consumers said that a seamless experience across all their devices is somewhat or very important; they want the content they want where and when they want it. Deliver it and you’ll be the clear leader.”

Your business’ App can be that seamless experience that will differentiate your accountancy business, bookkeeping practice, financial advice service or law firm from others in your market.

But your App can go much further than simply a delivery mechanism for your services. With an App your client relationships will become more personalised, which in turn fosters high levels of loyalty.

The simple pricing that is used with MyFirmsApp means you are always in control. What’s more, you can tailor your App to your practice’s precise needs. If you need a specific service, we can work with you to incorporate this into your new App.

Why not discover how you can grow your accountancy business with an App.

Take a free test-drive today!


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Joel Oliver | joelo@myfirmsapp.com

Joel is the MD of MyFirmsApp and is no newcomer to technology or working with professional service companies. Joel owns Insight Marketing, SalesForAccountants and Insight Digital Media, with over 30 years’ experience working with Accountants, IFAs, Financial Planners, Law Firms and professional service companies.

He pioneered the App project back in 2012 as he could see the huge benefits of Apps for professional firms who wanted to care for existing clients and market profitably to potential new customers. With over 18 years experience in both online and offline marketing, Joel has developed, led and managed many highly successful businesses.

Joel has a hands-on role within the family of companies and enjoys meeting clients and helping them future-proof their businesses. As the App continues to expand in the UK and overseas. Joel continues to ensure the App product and its bolt-ons get better and better.

To find out more about Joel and his connections, see his LinkedIn Profile or email him on joelo@myfirmsapp.co.uk

Outside work:

Outside work you will often find Joel with his friends or family enjoying varied hobbies from salmon fishing to fine wine and sailing. Joel is also an assistant pastor at a local church and runs numerous youth groups.