The App story unfolds

For over 30 years our business has been helping accountants, bookkeepers and financial service firms to grow their businesses (salesforaccountants). During a 2012 management meeting a new idea was conceived: the accountancy App. After months of research, design, development and planning the MyFirmsApp solution was launched in the UK in January 2013.

Since then it has gone from strength to strength, and is already used by hundreds of accountancy firms and over 75,000 end users. The App is now endorsed, accredited or promoted by all the major professional bodies in the UK and most of the accountancy and bookkeeping networks.

It has become the critical interface for hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers. It’s the link between their firm, their customers (and future clients) and their systems (Xero, NetSuite, Freshbooks, Receipt Bank, Kashflow, FreeAgent, Sage etc.).

Now, this proven, tried and tested technology is coming to Australia.

MyFirmsApp prepares to launch its Australian Accountants & Bookkeepers App

In recent months we have seen significant and growing interest from overseas markets, in particular Australia and New Zealand.

Our team is currently working on refinements to the App including the calculators, dates and tax data for those areas. We are expecting to launch the App to selected Beta test firms during July 2015, with a full launch in Q3 2015.

Our team is currently seeking international partners in Australia/NZ who can assist with the launch. Our team already work with Receipt Bank and are lifetime partners of B1G1.

Beta Testers wanted

Once we have the App ready and in good shape to launch we will work with a handful of likeminded firms who can act as Beta testers for the technology.

Whilst changes and amends are expected to be minimal as the product is heavily used in the UK by over 40,000 end users, it offers testers a great way to use, test and benefit from this leading technology.

As part of the agreement we expect Beta testers to:

  • Test the technology for faults
  • Gain anecdotal feedback from end users of your App (your customers and potential customers)
  • Recommend at least 1 other potential beta tester (so that we can work with likeminded individuals)
  • Suggest ways to improve the App in the future
  • Put forward one or two ideas or ways to promote the App in Australia/NZ
  • If you are happy/delighted with the product and tangible benefits can been seen, we would expect you to write a short
    testimonial on your experience of working with MyFirmsApp

In exchange, Beta testers will benefit from:

  • Being one of the very first firms in Australia/NZ to launch this App
  • Heavily discounted App purchase price
  • Partnership relationship to help shape the future of your App
  • A fantastic tool to differentiate your firm from others
  • Free PR online and in print for all early adopters, as happened in the UK.

To express interest in becoming an App Beta tester for the Australia/NZ market click here


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Joel Oliver |

Joel is the MD of MyFirmsApp and is no newcomer to technology or working with professional service companies. Joel owns Insight Marketing, SalesForAccountants and Insight Digital Media, with over 30 years’ experience working with Accountants, IFAs, Financial Planners, Law Firms and professional service companies.

He pioneered the App project back in 2012 as he could see the huge benefits of Apps for professional firms who wanted to care for existing clients and market profitably to potential new customers. With over 18 years experience in both online and offline marketing, Joel has developed, led and managed many highly successful businesses.

Joel has a hands-on role within the family of companies and enjoys meeting clients and helping them future-proof their businesses. As the App continues to expand in the UK and overseas. Joel continues to ensure the App product and its bolt-ons get better and better.

To find out more about Joel and his connections, see his LinkedIn Profile or email him on

Outside work:

Outside work you will often find Joel with his friends or family enjoying varied hobbies from salmon fishing to fine wine and sailing. Joel is also an assistant pastor at a local church and runs numerous youth groups.