Video reveals 6 reasons 100 + accountants all choose MyFirmsApp

Things are changing around us all the time, the weather, the profession, technology, our clients and our businesses. During the last 6 months we have witnessed a landmark shift in the profession providing solid proof that Apps are here to last. 5 professional bodies promote MyFirmsApp and 100 + clients in just a few months goes to show the demand for Apps.

There is a very helpful infographic available here to show the growth.

Why have 100 accountants all used MyFirmsApp?

Simply put there is not an App in the market that comes anywhere close to the unique solution developed by our team. Not only is it the most powerful and advanced App for accountants, its also priced to sell.

How do Apps help Accountants?

They provide a low cost way to seriously impress your clients, differentiate your practice with potential customers, communicate with your users and save you hours of your valuable time. Many firms have already started winning new customers as a direct result of having an App – see here


Its not until you see the App that the penny drops and why one accountant said “This is the single most exciting thing I have seen in my 45 year career”. So see the App free for yourself today, simply register for your free 1:1 App demo here

Watch the Video


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