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How to close Apps in iOS7 on an iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices So you have updated your iPhone or iOS device to iOS7 and some things Parajumpers women have changed. One of which is how on earth do […]

Mistake – 3 of 12 Misunderstanding what is expected & required online There is significant confusion over what is expected of accountancy firms online and indeed expected or required by clients. The result is often a mess; small amounts of […]

Mistake – 2 of 12 Partners discussing and agreeing strategy in isolation Running a practice can be a lonely task. At times of significant change partners and managers should avoid planning alone. Doing so can be a costly mistake. Planning […]

11 Accountancy Firms comment on the MyFirmsApp solution Common questions when speaking to accountants are: Will an App work? Do they work for other accountants? How do they work? Will they win us new business? Who else uses Apps? Why […]

Video reveals 6 reasons 100 + accountants all choose MyFirmsApp Things are changing around us all the time, the weather, the profession, technology, our clients and our businesses. During the last 6 months we have witnessed a landmark shift in […]

Mistake – 1 of 12 Failing to realise that the market has changed – forever! Perhaps the single greatest mistake made by accountancy firms is failing to respond to the changes that have already taken place. It’s already changed! Things […]