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The Dancing Accountant is a great example of how enterprising accountants and bookkeepers can make sure they are noticed.

Visit his YouTube channel and you’ll see that thousands have viewed his funny, memorable and interesting video clips. In a recent online article his videos were described as ‘The talk of the industry’.

Here is one of his recent clips, performing in a well know train station.

A simpler way for those who don’t want to dance

Frankly, we love The Dancing Accountant’s videos – his daring and great ideas. They go some way to thrash the stereotypical view of accountants, and that’s great. But not everyone has the energy or skill to dance in front of hundreds of people, let alone be on video!

So what can you do?

The problem is that differentiating your business from the next one down the road can be tough. So what if there was a simple, proven, and highly professional way to differentiate your firm from your competitors?

Less than 30 Australian accountants and bookkeepers have their own App!

Smartphone use in Australia is booming, with 89% of Australians owning one.[1] That means it is the preferred go-to device, and with the latest 4G mobile bandwidth, it’s faster than the NBN. It’s little wonder that Australian tech growth jobs outstrip America and the UK. [2]

Apps take advantage of this shift in user behaviour and by launching your own Accountants and Bookkeeping App (for both clients and future clients) you will immediately stand out as different – and without having to do any dancing!

You will not only impress your existing clients but you’ll also provide them with great tools and resources they will love. Your App will also help you win new clients and make networking far more successful.

Currently, less than 30 Australian accountancy firms or bookkeepers have an App (we know that because we have built them) and that means you have a unique opportunity right now to differentiate your firm from all the others in a positive, proven way – and at low cost.

You can register for a free 1:1 ‘test drive’ of an Accountants App where you can see how it works and discover why in the UK hundreds of firms (including over 25% of the top 100) use MyFirmsApp and what the first few Australian adopters say about their experience.

Client control through the Accountancy App

Perhaps even more critical is that having an App will put your firm back in control of your clients. We have spoken to scores of Australian accountancy firms who have given away or even promoted the ATO App without any regard or thought for who owns the relationship. Who is it that benefits from the branding? Who is it that your clients see each time they open the App? Who is it that can communicate to the App users? Who owns the client relationship in the valuable App ecosystem?

A tangible and physical Bookkeeping App

Having an Accountancy and Bookkeeping App positions your firm as being different. Already, firms are printing App banners, decaling their cars, winning pages of free PR and even giving away iPads with their App pre-loaded for new customers.

It’s not simply about having an App and giving it to all your customers and prospects. It’s about managing the impact that launching your own App has on potential clients – especially as it’s approved by both Apple and Google.

Simple things like showing customers the App and exploring certain features or tools, positions you in a new light. Sharing your free App with prospects, whose incumbent adviser might be stuck in the dark ages, is a powerful differentiator. It says so much about your firm, without you having to say anything at all! And best of all, it means you never have to ‘sell’ yourself to anyone. Your App does it for you!

[1] Australian Lifestyle Index

[2] Startupstart

To discover how our Accountants and Bookkeeping App can transform your Australian business, register for your free test drive here.



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Connor Mullins

Connor Mullins |

Connor specialises in marketing and customer enablement, handling App calls and providing a key service to ensure clients can promote their App effectively using a range of marketing strategies.

MyFirmsApp provide the world’s leading App solution for Accountants and Bookkeepers, and Connor helps professional service firms in overseeing the progress of their App project and helping them to drive engagement with their clients, and getting the most from Push Notifications to drive interaction.

Connor and the team at MyFirmsApp™ recognise that unless firms have their own App, they will concede control over their clients to these third parties. By putting accountants first and creating an affordable and effective App that will help them remain the anchor in this mobile relationship, MFA is helping thousands of firms protect their client database, save time, generate referrals and create new client relationships.

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