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1. Take Action

We read recently that 2013 will be the year of the App for professional service firms. True or not, all of the statistics show that accountancy firms need to consider mobile users and how your practice is going to integrate and interact with them. Giving them the information they desire, in the manner they have become accustomed to.

As with most new technological advances it’s the early adopters, the proactive firms that embrace this new technology first who will reap the greatest rewards. Enabling them to position their firm as technologically advanced, prepared to stand out and communicate in new, effective ways.

2. Mobile users want and expect different things

Mobile users don’t want to wade through a mass of slowly loading, hard to read content from a big website. They want to tap, swipe and click – done!

Many sites take too long to load, and those that finally do are often impossible to navigate from a mobile device. Worse are the sites that employ flash. Apple and all iOS devices don’t support it, and most browsers on Blackberry and Window devices don’t either. How long do you think a client or prospect will hang around for? The truth is not long!

Now imagine providing that prospect with access to your own App, available from your firm for free. Giving them the tools, content and material they want from their Apple or Android device. Image if your website could automatically detect mobile users and offer them the chance to download your new App. What an entirely different experience it would be, and this is all possible right now.

3. Mobile Website or an App?

This is an area of significant debate amongst the techies and developers. We have boiled it down to a few simplistic sentences. An App gives your firm the ability to have a mobile presence, with important content on your firm. Plus powerful tools like calculators, mileage trackers, receipt photography, important date reminders, push notifications and even blog integration. A mobile site simply cannot do all this, what it will do is give your mobile users detail about your services in a critical, mobile friendly version.

Our recommendation is to consider an App first, giving your firm a fantastic new tool to offer clients whilst ticking the mobile presence box. Then if time and budget allows consider having both an App and a small mobile website to give you the very best of both worlds.

4. Integration increases the overall effectiveness of your online marketing

An App enables you to integrate with mobile users, your website and any offline marketing you do Modern marketers consider Mobile as the bridge between your online and offline marketing. 71% of smartphone users search for a solution after seeing an ad or promotion of some kind. And usually they are searching immediately after seeing the promotion. That means that you no longer have to hope that a prospect who passes your sign, sees an advert or opens a letter has to remember it until they access a desktop computer. Instead, through a smartphone information retrieval is instant, and can be further enhanced through the use of QR codes in promotional material.

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