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Mobile Websites for Accountancy Firms

In our recent blog post we wrote about the 4 things to consider when looking at mobile website. By the end of 2013 mobile phones will overtake PC’s as the most common web access device in the world.


We probably shouldn’t be as mobile devices outnumber PC and Laptops combined. That means that your website will be viewed more by mobile visitors than desktop visitors.

So it’s perhaps a little scary to think that over 95% of accountancy websites are not mobile enabled! And that many website agencies are still designing websites for desktop first and not mobile.

Mobile is local

Something that should interest every regional accountancy firm is that according to Google research over half of local searches are performed on mobile devices.

So if you want to reach and interact with your clients and prospect when and where they are most receptive, and in ways that they expect then you need to consider your website and how it looks and appears to the growing number of smartphone users.

And if its not enabled for mobile users, then the visitors will simply leave. That’s what will be happening right now, on your current site if it’s not mobile enabled

Mobile websites

Mobile V Non Mobile

Disadvantages to a non-mobile enabled site

  • Slow or very slow to load
  • Content unreadable
  • No click to call
  • Difficult or impossible to navigate
  • Directions, contact information hard to find
  • Most forms wont work = no enquires
  • Flash and other content wont display
  • Forced to zoom, pinch or scroll many times

= Unusable for mobile viewers

= Visitors frustrated including your clients

= New business opportunities lost

Advantages to a mobile enabled site

  • Automatic redirection
  • Rapid load time
  • Directions, contact info immediately available
  • Key content instantly available
  • Minimal scroll, pinch or zoom
  • Simple, clear navigation
  • Click to call
  • Mobile forms
  • Auto update with current site

= Happy visitors including your clients

= High conversion from visitor to enquiry

+ New business won

HFM mobile website
  • Click to call
  • Clear Address
  • Immediate map
  • Key information available without scrolling
  • Clear, easy to use Navigation
  • Low cost

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