Who are MyFirmsApp?

MyFirmsApp is a fast-growing fintech company that has developed a flexible, powerful and feature-rich mobile platform App that can be branded and tailored for firms of accountants and other finance professionals around the world.

Founded in the UK in 2013 by CEO Joel Oliver, MyFirmsApp has rapidly carved out a significant presence in the global App marketplace. Already, they have created Apps for almost 1000 professional firms across the world. It is the only App in the world for professional firms that is fully compliant, approved and endorsed by many of the major accountancy bodies.

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The MyFirmsApp App’s success is largely because it benefits professional firms on many levels. In a rapidly evolving business world, it provides firms with a sophisticated, customised and fully branded tool that gives firms an essential mobile presence on clients’ Smartphones and tablets; it is also a highly effective marketing tool, helping firms to quickly and easily impress potential clients.

Yet, what makes the MyFirmsApp App a stand-out product for accountants is its ability to help them maintain their traditional position as their clients’ most trusted advisors. Many accountants now recognise that there is a real risk of losing that position as they are disenfranchised by accounting software companies, regulatory change and new technology.

The MyFirmsApp custom App is a modern mobile-based solution that gives accountants the ability to protect and reinforce that position as their clients’ principal point of contact – and does so without them having to be involved in the technicalities of keeping the data updated and relevant – MyFirmsApp does it all for them. For time-pressed accountants that’s a huge benefit.

There are 2 further elements of MyFirmsApp’s Apps that appeal to accountants: price and service. First, their huge investment in people - outstanding mobile technicians - and in the latest mobile platform, means that their competitors struggle to compete on anything but price. MyFirmsApp’s response is to offer a Price Guarantee that beats any competitor’s price. It also reinforces their mission to put accountants and bookkeepers first – always.

Secondly, as the world’s leading supplier of custom Apps for accountants, they have recognised the need for 24-hour customer care – and their UK offices in Darlington are now the global hub, available 24 hours a day Monday - Friday to offer help and guidance to clients and enquirers from anywhere in the world.

Trusted by over 200,000 end users, loved by clients, endorsed by the profession and supported by industry leaders

With over 200,000 users worldwide engaging with our Apps 30,000 times every month, plus endorsements from all the main accounting bodies and 5 star reviews from hundreds of firms of all sizes, MyFirmsApp is the undoubted leader in its field, creating effective, affordable and reliable Apps for accountants and bookkeepers, keeping you in a position of prominence on your clients’ Smartphone home-screens.

The simplest way for you to connect with clients using an App

The MyFirmsApp Solution provides direct and instant access to unique tools, features and calculators in real time, plus access to other systems your clients might use.

Rather than overloading clients with multiple Apps, logins, portals and places to visit, we will build a single App for you putting everything in one place, in your branding, on your App and, because all the tax and financial data is managed by us, it’s always up to date.


The mobile market continues to boom

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