Testing your App before it’s published to store

When working on bespoke App projects, or where a Gold or Platinum customer requests it as an optional extra, you can test your App before it is launched to the Apple and Android stores.

This adds an additional element to an App project that must be carefully managed and is charged for separately.

What is required and what is the cost?

Technically this is a slight challenge as it means manually loading an App onto your device (up to 3 devices). There is a different process to follow depending on the operating system on your device.

For Apple (iOS) users we will require your device UDID (Unique Device Identifier), this is a sequence of 40 letters and numbers that is specific to your device – a little like a serial number. Once we have your UDID (up to 3 devices) we will send you a unique link to download the App onto your phone for your testing and feedback.

For Android users we will simply provide you a link using APK (Android Application Package) that will enable you to install the test App onto your Android device automatically.

The setup cost is £250 + VAT – this price does not include any additional charges that may be incurred.

Potential additional costs

By providing a live test App this gives you the ability to request changes and amends to an App that you have already approved at design stage.

During this testing phase you may also request changes and amends to the way the App behaves, functions or works.

It’s impossible to guess the amends, changes or alterations you may wish to make during a testing phase. Therefore this will be quoted for at the time on a client-by-client basis.