Automated Referral Generation for Accountants & Bookkeepers

We all know that the No.1 source of new business for most professional service firms is referral generation. What’s more, referral appointments convert at a very high rate, often 80% +. Of course, much has been written about asking for referrals, yet very professional service firms rarely have the time or the inclination to do this effectively.

So what if there was a way you could get your App to do this for you?

Welcome to Refer A Friend App system

This purpose-built App feature is available as an optional extra within any of our App Packages for Accountants & Bookkeepers.

The process has been carefully designed so that each step of the solution is simple and intuitive to use.

App User clicks Refer A Friend

They Login in a few seconds

They choose who to refer to

Next comes the really clever part… Your App user then shares this code with a pre-written message instantly
on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Text Message, Email Message to their contacts and connections.

What happens then?

The code sent out by your App user to their connections is unique and is automatically registered on a database that you can access anytime. In fact, every part of the referral process is tracked, measured and can be reported upon. Ensuring that you are able to control and manage the referrals, creating a ROI and delivering great service. You can proactively follow up the referrals issued, as well as respond to those who complete the dedicated web page we’ll also build for you.


When the person receiving the message contacts you/enquires they quote the code in exchange for a pre-agreed discount off their first year’s fees or other suitable incentive which will be prescribed by you.. It also means you can track your most active referrers. Should you wish, you can also incentivise your referrer by giving them a discount off their fees, for example, for each new client they refer who comes on-board.

You can also use this powerful system to log and track all your other referrals in one place, even if they’re not generated through your App.

Why automate your referral generation?

There are so many obvious reasons to develop an automated referral strategy:

  • Good customers tend to refer good prospects
  • Typically the cost per opportunity is low or very low
  • Partners are often comfortable with these types of appointments, and therefore convert at a very high rate. They make best use of the firm’s most valuable resource while staying within partners’ comfort zones.

According to Mark Lloydbottom in Clients For Life, “97 per cent of clients would happily recommend their accountants. 96 per cent have never been asked to.” OUCH!

The Refer A Friend feature:

  • Simplifies and automates referral generation for your firm
  • Makes it easy, motivating and rewarding for your clients to refer you
  • Helps develop an easy and natural ‘referral culture’ within your firm
  • Enables full tracking and monitoring of recommendations
  • Creates a new, fun and exciting way to grow your firm

Get the ‘Refer A Friend’ system for £399 + VAT per month for support, management and hosting

The ‘Refer A Friend’ feature is a powerful bolt on to existing App packages and goes much further than just the App functionality.

The system includes:

  • Customised branding and design of the system
  • Development and build of the system into your current App
  • Customisable referral messages pre-built
  • Dedicated web landing page
  • Your own database to track recommendations and referrals
  • Ability to report on all aspects of your referrals
  • Easily track those who are won, lost, pending and their values
  • Review at a glance & in detail the referrals your firm has received and make decisions to generate the best ROI

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