Customer care and support

Thank you for visiting this page – MyFirmsApp prides itself on its customer care and technical support.

As the Head of Research & Development I am personally available anytime to speak either by phone +44 (0)1325 728 233 or email

Other contacts

If you are looking for technical support then please call our dedicated technical support team on UK +44 (0)1325 469603, America 347 74892098 and Australia 02 8015 5480 or email

For accounts and invoice related questions please call +44 (0)1325 466 523 or email

Warm regards

Justin Mays | Head of Research & Development

Customer Success Team

Connor Mullins

Would you like help getting more from your App?

Connor can help with marketing, promotion, social media and App features - such as push notifications and how to use them effectively.

Kim Morton

Here to help at any stage of your project

Kim can help with payments, guiding you through the stages of the App from filling out the Kickstart form to signing off your designs. She can also help with Segmentation if you're ever stuck.

Joe Crees

Need help populating your App or using the datastore?

Joe can help with a wide range of tasks whether you are needing some help adding content onto your App, or adding features like our Content Center to your website.