Data Bolt

Automated push marketing, send messages to individuals and data groups, increase App engagement


What is 'Data Bolt'?


It's a new, advanced module that enables you to:

  • See exactly who is downloading your App
  • Automatically capture their data such as name, email, phone etc.
  • Personalised, automated trigger messaging - nothing required from you
  • Differentiate between current clients and potential clients
  • Monthly push messages automated by us
  • Send messages to individual App users or a data group i.e. Personal tax clients
  • Link to existing marketing/email systems (MailChimp, Hubspot, Salesforce etc)
  • Enables the ability for email to push

All with limitless usage plus training and support


"I've built 'Data Bolt' to generate a rapid ROI, automate push messaging and enable users to send messages to individuals or groups of App users."

Justin Mays | Global Head of Research & Development


Billion hours spent in App - 2016
Increased App engagement from Push
Time spent in App vs mobile web

Over £250,000 of fees in 4 months!

At MyFirmsApp we don’t provide anything to our clients we haven’t thoroughly tested with demonstrable proof points. So when it came to ‘Data Bolt’ we launched it ourselves in our App. We tested it over 4 months, the data enabled us to identify over 1500 App users not currently customers. We automated the follow up, and generated over £250,000 of recurring fee income. And that’s all within the 4 months; the number of prospect opportunities we gained from this short pilot is huge.

Generating downloads and getting high volume of user interaction is highly achievable, and made even easier if you have named your App.

Get ‘Data Bolt’ for under £900 per annum

The Data Bolt advanced module includes design of your form, re-build of the App, submission to Apple and Android and enhanced data store is available for just £70 per month + VAT.

Available for a low monthly investment of just £70 + vat with limitless usage and full training

This advanced module is available for a low investment of just £70 per month. Once this is setup and activated you benefit from free monthly messages (see above) and dedicated training.

Plus if you are one of the first 100 clients to onboard – you will benefit from a 20% discount against this price + we will give you the email to push tool free.

    Data Bolt provides you with significant benefits

  • Communicate 5 x more effectually than email
  • Zero cost to send and no restrictions on volume or frequency
  • Easy to administrate and send with no data management
  • Know who has your App and who they are
  • Send messages to all users and groups of users
  • Direct message individuals
  • Focused messages for clients and non-clients
  • Opens the door to automated marketing