Logo Redrawing Solutions

As part of your App project we require your business logo in a high quality format (over 1000 pixels) ideally in an eps format or similar.

That’s because some of the devices your new App will be shown on – such as the new iPad retina display – require it in high resolution format. If you don’t have a high enough resolution of your logo or a working file that you own, then it will need to be redrawn.

It is something you can usually get from your current suppliers – your local designer, printer etc. Alternatively, for ease and speed of App production, we offer a logo re-drawing service for our App customers.

Logo re-drawing service for App customers

If you don’t have a vector or high-resolution version of your logo, one of our designers can create an RGB vector version of your current logo for use solely in the app that we are about to create for you.

If the design can’t be re-created identically, due to the depth of the logo’s initial design, then we can provide an alternative logo design for use on the app, which works alongside your current logo on your current marketing materials.

The cost to re-create your logo is £125 per hour + VAT, so please contact us or call for a quote.
If you don’t have a logo at all then we can also create a brand new logo for you.

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