Blog Development

One of the great features of the MyFirmsApp™ solution is Blog Integration, which means that for customers with a blog, it automatically streams into the App so your blog content is shared in real time, automatically.

That’s great news for clients who have a blog, but what about those who don’t?

Let us build your blog for you

Use our specialist team to build your blog for you, and it will do far more than update your App. The I-Blog solution has been carefully designed to help financial services firms save time, become more efficient – and grow. It’s engineered to update your online digital world for you automatically.

This is how it works… You write a short blog piece (or use one from the Marketing Launch Pack) and post it on your blog. This is as simple and easy as writing a Word document.

When your press ‘Post’ the blog goes onto your website. That’s great for SEO. But it will also then update your social media profiles for you. Using the latest technology it will share your post via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other profiles if you have them. As well as updating your App of course.

To discuss your blog simply call us on +44 (0)1325 469 603 or contact us

No technical experience required

You don’t need to worry about your technical experience, or how to blog. Our professional team will train you and your chosen team members on how to use your I-Blog with ease.

Plus you will also be encouraged to select a Blog Coordinator, an administrative person whose role is to ensure blogs are posted on pre-agreed dates. As part of your solution we will train this coordinator to post blogs, saving time for busy partners and guaranteeing blogs are posted regularly.