Everything you need to market your App the easy way!

The App Marketing Pack provides a suite of carefully developed, tested and proven resources which give you ‘on tap’ access to the very best marketing tools to promote your App.

The full Marketing Pack is available to all App customers for £400 + VAT.

It includes emails, letters and blogs, website copy and SEO, plus QR Code and Smartphone detection for your website. It’s all there, ready for you to use and written by leading experts to save you hours reinventing the wheel.

The pack also contains a series of 4 videos to help you get the most out of this powerful marketing resource.

You can register for the pack or call us on +44 (0)1325 469 603 to discuss the elements in more detail.

See the individual elements below or register for your full marketing pack. *All prices quoted do not include VAT.


Intelligent QR code

Our team will set up and generate you your own unique, intelligent QR code. A single QR code for you to use on all your promotional activity. This awesome little tool will automatically detect the version of smartphone your prospect is using and direct them to the relevant App store (Apple or Android). You can use this QR code online, on emails on letterhead, business cards, banners, flyers etc.

LinkedIn Promotion

With over 3 billion users, your App must appear on LinkedIn. This exclusive step-by-step guide will help you promote your App using the LinkedIn showcase pages. This fantastic resource includes example App product promotions plus a template you can use to successfully launch your App through LinkedIn.

Smartphone Detection for your Website

This is a fantastic way of getting as many customers, prospects and general website visitors to download your App. We provide you with a string of code, copy and an offer box. This automatically pops up with an iPhone or Android user visits your website. Meaning that when a visitor lands on your site it says something like "We notice you are using an iPhone. Why not download our latest App completely free of charge right here". It's a low cost, automated way of getting as many App downloads as possible without any effort at all.

Emails written and ready to send

Email marketing is a rapid way to share your App with customers and prospects. This element contains:
* 2 pre written emails, tailored for existing customers.
* 2 pre written emails to send you potential customers.

Letters for you to post out

Employing multiple routes to market is key when it comes to generating maximum App downloads. Some contacts will respond to an email, others to a physical mailer in the post. That's why you get 4 letters in your marketing toolkit, 2 for your current clients and 2 for your potential customers.

Website Copy and SEO

Get your App noticed online with this carefully constructed webpage. Enabling you to get your App promoted on your business website and appear on Google thanks to pre-written SEO.

Blog articles

Blogs should be personal and as unique as possible, equally writing them can take time and there is a limit to what you can say. That's why as part of your marketing toolkit we provide 2 example blog articles for you to adapt and employ in a few minutes.

Bonus Push Notifications Pack

One of the most powerful tools we have seen for years. Communicate to your App users quickly, efficiently and in a way they love. We have written a handful of push notification messages to help get your project started.

Free- 4 App Marketing Videos

Looking to get the most out of your App? This series of 4 videos takes you through proven, tried and tested ways you can get the most value out of your exciting App project.