Meet the MyFirmsApp Team

MyFirmsApp is the world’s leading App development firm for Accountants in practice. We believe in putting accountants first! One App, One Place You

We do this thanks to a highly talented, dedicated and passionate team who are all part of the MyFirmsApp family.

It’s also thanks to a highly-engaged customer community who provide razor sharp insight into their needs, the solutions they require and how we can best serve them.

Put simply, our App is not only world leading, it’s unique, a bit like us. It’s the only App of its kind which is not only endorsed and approved by professional organisations, it’s the only one fully compliant with HMRC MTDfB requirements.

Meet the team who help make all this happen below. We are happy to chat with you about your questions and would be delighted if you downloaded our free demo App ad let us give you a 1:1 demonstration of its power or contact is here.

With our feature-filled, cutting edge mobile platform you will be amazed with what an App could do for you.

Who are MyFirmsApp?

MyFirmsApp is a fast-growing, innovative Fintech company that has grown into the world leader in its field.

Founded in the UK in 2013 by CEO Joel Oliver, MyFirmsApp has rapidly carved out a significant presence in the global App marketplace. Already, we have created Apps for 1,000 professional firms around the world.

We operate 24/7 across markets spanning the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

What do we do?

Put simply, we provide accountants with a branded, tailored mobile version of their business, clearly differentiating them from every other accountant out there.

This single App is a consolidated package of every accountancy and finance App that you’re ever likely to need. It’s fully endorsed and compliant with industry professional bodies, is constantly updated to include the latest technology and instantly answers the day-to-day queries your clients have - 24/7/365.

This saves you time and money, gives you control and frees you up to do your job. It also helps you and your clients prepare for HMRC’s imminent Making Tax Digital, ensuring you stay as the central trusted advisor for your clients.

Download the world leading accountancy App today and see how it could benefit your firm and your clients

How do we achieve success?

1) Industry Understanding

Although MyFirmsApp was only formed in 2013, key members of our executive team have been working within the industry for over 20 years. We have been helping Accountancy firms improve their marketing, sales and client care for years. It was through this intimate understanding of the industry and having our finger on the pulse of how important mobile was becoming that led to the development of MyFIrmsApp.

2) Our huge investment in people.

We believe that we are only as good as our people. We have a simple philosophy at MyFIrmsApp. We have recruited some of the ‘best in industry’ within their field. We then recruit and train enthusiastic and fired up young staff and apprentices who we develop and nurture to be the next ‘best in industry’. Our commitment to staff development was recently recognised at the North-East Business Awards where we were finalists of the Apprenticeship award.

200,000 end users can’t be wrong!

We are trusted by over 200,000 end users, loved by clients, endorsed by the profession and supported by industry leaders. We also get 5-star reviews from our clients.

Jim Brown

Financial Director

Stephen Hogan

Irish App Team

Stephen is the Managing Director of Savvy Apps Ltd, an Irish owned company who acquired the agency for myfirmsapp in Ireland in June 2017.

From working in the medical device industry for 13 years in a sales and management capacity, to now working with the team at MFA, he is a strong believer in being able to provide great value to clients no matter what the product or service is.

It was for this reason that MFA made such an impression on him because they are a customer focused company with a product that provides tremendous value to the end users.

Stephen is very aware that business today is no longer 9 – 5 and in order to keep up with the demands of the clients, business’s need to be willing to adapt, which is why he believes that accountants who have an always on customised app can meet and exceed those demands for both there current and prospective clients

Outside of work

Stephen is a keen family man and when not working he and his wife enjoy going out with their children and eating out. He also enjoys meeting his pals and still enjoys playing football but admittedly at a slightly slower pace than before!!

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Liam Mullaney

Irish App Team

A creative, innovative and results focused business leader with over 35 years’ experience in the Information Technology sector.

Current position is CEO of eXpd8 Ltd., an Irish based company offering cloud based practice and case management software for legal firms worldwide.

In 2014 Liam joined the founders of VersAccounts as CEO Europe, VersAccounts is a new cloud ERP solution and Liam played a strategic role in getting investors on board and growing the business.

Prior to this Liam was CEO for Sage Ireland where he brought Sage from being an unknown brand in 2002 to being the dominant market leading business management Software Company in Ireland. During his 13 years tenure at Sage Liam acquired and integrated 4 companies. Liam established Sage Technologies in 2002 originally as an intellectual property business. In subsequent years he transformed this from an R&D centre into a Global SageCRM business, headquartered in Dublin serving Sage Companies worldwide with CRM Cloud solution hosting centres in US and Europe.

His passion for people and customers is the cornerstone of his successful leadership over many years.

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Savannah Johnson

Admin Assistant

Savannah is our new Business Administration apprentice. She will be the person who greets you at MyFirmsApp, and her friendly and bubbly nature makes her perfect for this role.

Her duties involve assisting her colleagues with all aspects of day-to-day administration.

Outside of work

Savannah looks forward to the weekend to visit friends. She loves going to the caravan with her parents and enjoys long walks in the countryside.

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Jason Ashton

AU Customer Service

Jason is the youngest member of the Australian team at MyFirmsApp, but still brings with him great experience in sales with an energy and passion to really help all accounting firms. Being a millennial, he has grown up with mobile technology all around him and is passionate in helping all firms engage with their clients through the use of their own app. Jason will often be the first person you speak to at MyFirmsApp, as he books you in for a trial of the Australian Accountants App

Outside of work:

He enjoys playing pool competively for both local pub teams and also Teesside county as of this year, He hopes to qualify for England trials in the upcoming year.

Other than that He spends time with his partners son Alfie and will soon be a father himself in September to a Beautiful baby boy. When he is am not on the pool table you can find him in the kitchen making food for the family.

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David Walker

UK Customer Service

Before joining MyFirmsApp, David was an insurance new business underwriter. He joined a local underwriting firm as an administrator after college and worked his way up the ladder, ending with 6 years’ experience before deciding to try something new.

David is now an integral part of the App trial team, helping UK and US firms to download the App and answer any initial questions, while ensuring they register for and receive their free full featured trial of the world’s leading Accounting App solution.

Outside of work:

David has a keen interest in music, demonstrated in his passion for playing instruments, to DJing and production in his spare time. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and socialising with friends and family.

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Lillie Lamb

UK Customer Service

Before joining the team at MyFirmsApp, Lillie studied Beauty Therapy at College and worked as a housekeeper at Radcliffe Hall. A new addition to the team, Lillie handles incoming requests for App demonstrations, enquires and webinar bookings, helping UK firms to register for their free full featured trial of the world’s leading App solution for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

Lillie’s outgoing and bubbly personality helps her to strike up a relationship with potential customers and help with any incoming enquiries.

Outside of work:

Lillie loves to eat out, especially spending time with her mam. She loves to go shopping for new Jarmies, in fact, she has more Jarmies than she does clothes!

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Leanna Watson

UK Customer Service

Before joining the team at MyFirmsApp, Leanna studied hairdressing and beauty at college and worked as a waitress which has given her great customer service skills. She is the newest member of the team and is working towards handling incoming requests for App demonstrations, enquiries and webinar bookings.

Outside of Work:

Leanna enjoys walking and keeping fit, and spending time with friends and family. She particularly enjoys an ice-cold gin and tonic.

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Lizzy McLean

App & Client Care AU

Lizzy is the newest member of the Australian team at MyFirmsApp, but still brings with her great experience in sales with an energy and passion to really help all accounting firms. You may find yourself speaking to Lizzy at MyFirmsApp, as she often books in people for a trial of the Australian Accountants App.

Out of the office

Lizzy loves to swim, she is a very confident swimmer and used to compete professionally before having her daughter Caitlyn. Caitlyn keeps her very busy out of work with all her after school activities and Lizzy couldn’t imagine her life without her, even though she had her very young. Lizzy also loves going on holiday and often takes trips to Mersea Island when she has spare time to see her brother and her nephews.

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Tony Rackham

Customer Relationship Manager

Tony is one of our UK field based operators. His background is sales-oriented and throughout his career he has continually strived to exceed the customer expectations for whichever organisation he was working for at any given time.

Field Sales, National Accounts and Corporate are all areas where customers have benefited from Tony’s passion in making things happen. He acts as your ambassador within our organisation and is continually pushing us to ensure that we meet and exceed your requirements. Tony’s background is across FMCG, Food Services, Public Sector and probably a few other areas that he can’t remember!

Outside of work

Tony is married to Fiona and he is a keen golfer playing off a modest handicap of 18 which he utilises to the full!

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Clare Watson

Head of Marketing

With 25 years experience in B2B and B2C marketing, Clare’s role is to deliver marketing strategies to ensure continued growth for MyFirmsApp and their clients. Her experience spans full mix marketing across retail, consumer durables, construction, consultancy, cloud computing and software.

Notable successes have included breaking into new export markets, helping a start-up client reach £1million turnover within 12 months, developing and launching the market leading National BIM Library for architects, and redeveloping brand strategies based on robust customer and market insights.

Clare works across all our markets raising awareness of and enquiries for our industry-leading App for accountants. She manages all our online and offline marketing activities as well as supporting our customers with their own App launches.

She works closely with our development team as the voice of the customer to ensure our product development roadmap delivers the sort of innovations and solutions our clients want and need.

Outside of work

When she is not at work, Clare is normally found in the kitchen. A keen amateur chef, she is addicted to cook books and normally has the Food Channel on in the background as she tries out new recipes and ideas.

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Joe Crees

Tech Support and App Developer

Joe is one of our App Developers. He is an apprentice and a bright prospect for the future. He has an enthusiastic attitude with a keen eye and attention to detail.

Joe is a friendly people person, bringing his kind heart and good sense of humour to the team.

Outside of work:

You may find Joe at the local meditation centre. He enjoys to tap into a feeling of inner peace. He also teaches regular Buddhist meditation classes himself.

Joe is also an avid Harry Potter fan and has almost every film memorised by heart.

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George Abbott-Brown

Tech Support and App Developer

George is one of our App Developers. And a member of the support team. He is an apprentice and a keen learner always looking to develop his skills.

George is always smiling and has an extremely positive outlook on life. When he is not at work he enjoys spending his time playing football and relaxing.

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Neil Collins


Neil is a highly valued member of the Australian MyFirmsApp team. He is part of our global team, helping hundreds of Australian firms register for and receive their free full featured trial of the world’s leading App solution for Accountants and Bookkeepers. Excellent customer service is of prime importance to everyone at MyFirmsApp, and this begins with your very first contact with us. Often, this will be Neil or one of his colleagues as he assists you in in the booking of your Trial, the downloading of your App and answering any initial questions you may have.

Prior to working with MyFirmsApp, Neil worked for over 20 years at Orange, EE and BT in a variety of customer facing and support roles, and brings vital experience to our 24-hour global support network. We were thrilled when he joined the team.

Along with producing the world’s leading App solution for Accountants and Bookkeepers, MyFirmsApp also delivers educational webinars to tens of thousands of firms a year – all around the world – as we seek to serve and support the profession. Neil provides a key service to Australian firms who attend; helping them to register for their free full featured trial of the App for their firm. We are very proud of Neil and the others in this team, where the importance of ensuring quality trials are booked so that your valuable time, as well as ours, is looked after.

Outside of work:

Neil enjoys spending time travelling, both around Europe and at his caravan in the South West of Scotland.

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Joel Oliver


Joel is the CEO of My Firms App™ and is no newcomer to the Fintech market or working with professional service companies. Joel owns Insight Marketing, SalesForAccountants and Insight Digital Media, with over 20 years’ experience working with Accountants, IFAs, Financial Planners, Law Firms and professional service companies.

He pioneered the My Firms App product back in 2012 as he could see the huge benefits of Apps for professional firms who wanted to care for existing clients and market profitably to potential new customers.

Now the company provide the only compliant approved and endorsed Apps for accountants and bookkeepers in the world. With hundreds of professional firms subscribing to the software and over 130,000 end users.

Over recent months the My Firms App platform has been successfully launched in UK, Ireland, Australia and America – with growing demand from markets such as New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

Joel has a hands-on role within the family of companies and enjoys meeting clients and helping them future-proof their businesses. As the App continues to expand in the UK and overseas, Joel continues to ensure the App puts accountants first and the product gets get better and better with the help and support of the entire team.

Outside of work:

Outside work you will often find Joel with his friends or family enjoying varied hobbies from salmon fishing to watching his son play rugby or sailing. Joel is also an assistant pastor at a local church and runs numerous youth groups.

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Gavin Disney May

Chairman - MyFirmsApp Ltd

A senior executive, corporate development professional and entrepreneur with a proven track record of leadership and achievement in the software industry with one of the world’s largest and most-admired software companies.

A people and relationship person, I am committed, energetic and results focussed. My experience has been gained in both strategic and operational roles covering business strategy, corporate development, P&L management, acquisitions, divestments and strategic partnerships. I have worked on projects in Europe, US and Brazil and led cross border teams.

Career Summary

My career has been progressive and built on delivering positive results. I have held a number of senior positions with the Sage Group, a global market leading software company listed on the London Stock Exchange. During my time at Sage the company’s revenue grew from £152m to £1.4bn, pre-tax profit increased from £38m to £356m and geographical reach extended from 4 to 25 countries.

I am also an entrepreneur having built, managed and successfully sold my own software company.

I currently act as a strategic advisor to a number of technology businesses, M&A firms and private equity houses.

Career Highlights Include

  • Building my own business and it being acquired by one of the world’s largest software companies.
  • As Divisional MD developed and executed new strategy that led to impressive growth and over-achievement in revenue targets. This strategy has since been replicated across the industry.
  • Championed and led a highly strategic move into the payments sector, managed post acquisition integration.
  • Led entry into BRIC economies with four acquisitions in Brazil.
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David Oliver


David is a Senior Executive of the business and has been at the forefront of the accounting profession for more than 40 years. Always thinking ahead, David has an ability to see the future of the profession and in particular the impact of new technologies on the industry. This foresight is the driving force behind his leadership of the business' development of pioneering App software that makes accountants' business lives easier.

David is the author of 14 books which have been published in 29 languages. He has spoken on sector issues at industry events all over the world, with a focus on the impact and potential of new technologies. Whether empowering and inspiring early adopters to embrace these or helping others to catch up, David's goal is to 'make business life better' for every accounting firm, their clients and their staff.

Combining a passion for technology with pragmatism for getting things done, David has the ability to inspire and motivate accountants to understand and use the latest technology to drive business growth, build irreplaceable relationships that secure their role as their client's most trusted business advisor.

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Daniel Richards

Head of Sales

Daniel is Head of Sales and a member of the executive team at MyFirmsApp – the global leader in Apps for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

He is passionate about helping firms maintain a key role in the always-on App environment which plays such an important part in our daily lives. He is particularly keen to raise awareness of the threats posed to accountants and bookkeepers by 3rd parties and even the Government. Without a firms' own App, it really has no way to serve within, benefit from or control the environment where so many clients and prospects now spend their time each day.

Daniel and his team at MyFirmsApp recognise that unless firms have their own App, they will cede control over their clients to these third parties. By putting accountants first and creating an affordable and effective App that will help them remain the anchor in this mobile relationship, MyFirmsApp is helping thousands of firms protect their client database, save time, generate referrals and create new client relationships.

At the same time, for many firms this also goes to further increase adoption of great cloud-based services and software but doing so in a way which keeps the firm anchored in the centre of that relationship; better for the firm, better for the client.

Thanks to its pioneering tools, modules and content the MyFirmsApp software platform is working for firms worldwide, whether they are very large or small specialist practices.

Daniel has been involved in helping professional service firms grow and make the most of new techniques, strategies and technology for over 17 years. He is considered to be a thought-leader, is a renowned speaker, and is the go-to-guy for firms and professional bodies when it comes to Apps for accountancy firms.

He has hundreds of testimonials from large and small firms alike, has presented to thousands of firms through the MyFirmsApp and Insight webinars, and regularly speaks for the professional bodies and membership organisations.

Outside of work:

In his early days Daniel spent most of his time mountaineering and was fortunate enough to undertake expeditions in places such as The Himalayas, Alps, Alaska, Papua New Guinea, Norway and others. Now he enjoys the outdoors as much as possible with his family and friends as well as being active in the leadership of a local church.

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Justin Mays

Head of R&D

With experience in developing iPhone, iPad and Android Apps, Justin’s role is to oversee the management of client App projects, while also leading the web and software team to ensure successful App development.

He helps professional service firms to discover new ways to differentiate themselves and reach out to clients and prospects, broadening their business values by using key features and tools only available to MyFirmsApp users.

MyFirmsApp is the industry leader in Apps & Mobile technology for Accountants, IFAs, IFPs and Law Firms worldwide. It is the only App & provider to be endorsed, promoted by & present for the leading professional bodies & organisations, including: ICAEW, The Law Society of Scotland, Modern Law, ICPA, ICAS, ACCA, Institute of Financial Planners, 2020, CIMA and others.

Outside of work:

Is there such a place? If there is then we are not sure Justin has seen it. He loves to spend time with his family and looking at the Apple website.

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Pauline McMaster

Office Manager

Often the first person you will speak to if you call our offices, or pop in for a coffee. Pauline is the office manager and the person who keeps the entire team focused and on track. She is an extremely talented and gifted individual with significant experience in team leadership and office management. She has more than 30 years’ experience in office managerial roles in organisations such as The Inland Revenue, BT and Orange before joining the team at My Firms App.

Pauline is naturally gifted and manages many of the App projects in the background ensuring a project moves seamlessly from an account manager, to design, approval, development, app store, go live and ongoing client care.

Outside of work:

Travel! Pauline loves to find the heat and leave the wonderful shores of England and head for warmer climates. She is often found in her apartment in Tenerife enjoying great wines and wonderful food.

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Andrew Leonard

Senior Accountant

Andrew is a passionate biker and experienced IT professional who loves accountancy. He is the Senior Accountant at IDML with over 9 years of accountancy experience in the Motor, Printing and Technology Industry.

Andrew is responsible for the day to day running of the accounts department, as well as preparing management reports.

Andrew should be the first friendly voice you hear when calling our accounts department, and is always willing to help with any queries you may have.

Outside of work:

Andrew is a fan of most motor sports, and gets out most weekends with friends on his motorcycles.

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Lynne Yates

Accounts Assistant

Working in the Accounts department, Lynne is involved with the day-to-day finances of the company, raising sales orders and invoices, paying suppliers and supporting Andrew in making sure the MyFirmsApp finances are in order.

Outside of work:

Out of the office Lynne likes to go on holiday to Spain and visit her sister in Portugal. She enjoys socialising with friends on a weekend, and follows Spurs.

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Ben James

Junior Designer

Ben is a designer at MyFirmsApp and a part of the marketing team, Ben is involved in the design of apps, flyers and promotional materials as well as the webinar presentations that MyFirmsApp carry out.

Using his experience and skills from learning Photoshop and designing at a young age Ben is working to make MyFirmsApp look better and better. Ben has also recently become Adword certified to help the business grow further.

Outside of work:

Outside of work Ben likes to relax and listen to music, he enjoys artists such as Young Thug, The Migos. And Future. He also enjoys going out with his friends on the weekends and travelling somewhere for a good night out.

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Neomi Watson

App and client care USA

Before joining the team at MyFirmsApp, Neomi studied TV and Film Media at college and worked as a sales executive in the charity sector.

Neomi’s mix of skills makes her perfect for the role at My Firms App being able to exercise her creativity and communication skills.

You can contact Neomi on 347 748 9098.

Outside of work:

Neomi loves to keep fit at the gym and also works entertaining folk with her fire breathing, fire dancing and stilt walking! Neomi also loves spending time with her younger sisters and friends.

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Kim Morton

App and Client care UK

Handling incoming requests for App demonstrations, test drives or event and webinar bookings, Kim deals with scores of inbound requests each month. Kim’s attention to detail is incredibly high, always providing excellent customer care. Her experience and skills having a BA Hons degree in event management are invaluable to the team.

You can contact Kim on 01325 728 232.

Outside of work:

Kim enjoys going to the gym but enjoys eating out too, especially curries. Kim is a massive fan of The Smiths.

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Steffan Chyzak

Senior Designer

Steffan is an extremely talented designer with extensive experience in web design, illustration, photography and print. Steffan studied at the University of Hull with a BA (Hons) in Applied Digital Media and won the Multi-Media Graphics Shield for “Student of the year”. He went on to become an Adobe Certified Associate, completed his MSc in Digital Media and became a regular college lecturer.

Before joining Insight, Steffan was the lead designer in a advertising marketing organisation and has carried out work for organisations such as Sky Sports. Initially working as a designer for Insight he has now progressed to become Senior Designer, involved in ensuring every customer’s project is uniquely designed to our client’s exact requirements.

Outside of work:

Steffan loves design, so you will often find him at his home studio designing and creating, whilst the rest of the world sleeps. When away from his Mac, a rare sight, Steffan enjoys his toys including fast cars, playing the drum kit and drinking far too much coffee.

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Chris Wright

Tech Support and App Developer

If you have a technical question, query or problem then it's very likely you will speak to Chris in our technical support team. He is an experienced digital specialist with experience in both App and Web development. He specialises in front end App development primarily on iOS and Android platforms with a preference for Android.

For any App or technical queries, you can contact Chris on 0800 011 9196 or email

Outside of work:

In his free time Chris enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music and honing his development skills. Chris is also a qualified diving instructor.

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Kieran Snowball

Website Developer

Kieran is part of the Website Development team at MyFirmsApp and focuses primarily on the internal website we hold, such as He specialises in the day to day running and maintenance of the site and making sure customers have a welcoming experience when visiting our websites.

Outside of work:

Kieran enjoys playing electric and acoustic guitar; he has done so now for a few years. He also enjoys socialising with friends and spending time with family.

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Connor Mullins

Customer Enablement Team

If you have any queries about how to get the best from your App and further your marketing capabilities, Connor is the person to contact.

Connor specialises in marketing and customer care, handling App calls and providing a key service to ensure clients can promote their App effectively using a range of marketing strategies.

MyFirmsApp provide the world’s leading App solution for Accountants and Bookkeepers, and Connor helps professional service firms in overseeing the progress of their App project and helping them to drive engagement with their clients.

His experience and skills though having a BA Hons degree in journalism are invaluable to the team.

For any App marketing queries you can contact Connor on 0125 469 603.

Outside of work:

Connor enjoys playing acoustic and electric guitar and going to gigs. He is a big fan of Oasis and The Stone Roses. He also likes socialising with friends and family, and following Newcastle United.

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Tracy Savino

Sales Lead

With over 25 years’ experience in sales and customer service, across a wide spectrum of sectors including, B2B cross functional innovation training, web marketing, the motor industry, through to food and non-food retail. Tracy brings to the team the ability to interpret each customers individual needs, on the journey to help them make those first steps to owning their very own customised app.

Tracy's goal is to help support professional services firms, no matter what their size, to understand the power and reach of the benefits to be gained by owning a customised app. With over 800 clients and 150,000 end users globally, who better to begin that journey with than the MyFirmsApp Team.

Outside of work:

Where to begin... from motor biking to walking, running to cycling, gardening to baking or watching movies to curling up with a good book, no two weekends are ever the same except for one thing - they’re always quality time spent with my family.

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